Video: Religion and the Sphere of Care and Cooperation

March 2, 2017
Joseph Henrich, RPP Colloquium speaker

This discussion considers social scientific research shedding light on religion’s role in advancing cooperation within groups, as well as its complex role in competition and cooperation among groups.


Omar Sultan Haque, MD, PhD, MTS, Program in Psychiatry and the Law; Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University

Joseph Henrich, PhD, Professor, Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard; codirector of the Centre for Human Evolution, Cognition and Culture and the Cultural Evolution of Religion Consortium, University of British Columbia.

Moderator and respondent

Jeff Seul, JD, MTS '97 HDS, LLM '01 HLS, Lecturer on the Practice of Peace, Harvard Divinity School; cochair, Peace Appeal Foundation.

This event was organized by the Religions and the Practice of Peace Colloquium.