Graduate Profile: Charlotte Katherine Zelle, MDiv '21

May 18, 2021
Charlotte Katherine Zelle
Charlotte Katherine Zelle, MDiv '21 / Courtesy photo

HDS communications reached out to our 2021 graduating students to hear from them in their own words about their experiences at HDS, the people who've helped and inspired them along their grad school journeys, and their plans for the future.

Words of Inspiration

Thank you so much to my professors, classmates, staff, friends, and family for supporting me, challenging me, and inspiring me. This experience has been transformative, and I am so grateful!

How I've Changed

HDS helped form me academically, personally, and professionally. My professors and friends always pushed me to think more critically, to reflect on my spirituality, and to stay attentive to the wellbeing of others. Watching my friends do incredible things has also given me a sense of hope and possibility. I feel that I have a strong ethical foundation and community from which to work for social justice and healing.

Memorable Moment

Seasons of Light during the pandemic. It was a beautiful demonstration of how community can gather even through the internet. It also showed off the skill of HDS staff in putting it together.

Favorite Class or Professor

"Christian Sex" with Prof. Mark Jordan and "Administration and Leadership" with Emily Click!