Graduate Profile: Julia Gail Reimann, MDiv '22

May 16, 2022
Julia Gail Reimann, MDiv '22
Julia Gail Reimann, MDiv '22, Courtesy photo

HDS communications reached out to our 2022 graduating students to hear from them in their own words about their experiences at HDS, the people who've helped and inspired them along their grad school journeys, and their plans for the future.

Favorite Class or Professor 

One of my favorite classes at HDS was “Women and Gender in U.S. Catholicism” with Professor Monica Mercado, a visiting WSRP professor. I took this class my very first semester and met some of my closest div-school companions there. This class was foundational to my work as a student these last three years and immensely influenced my thesis creation. I am so grateful to Professor Mercado and the rest of our class for their questions and thought, which will continue to influence my life in the future.

Message of Thanks 

I’d like to thank my family for their unending support of me and my divinity-school journey. In particular, I would like to thank my Mom for modeling what a beautiful and impactful life of ministry can look like and for dreaming with me. Thank you to my MDiv cohort for constantly inspiring me and for being community through three immensely challenging years. I am so proud and honored to know each of you.

Thank you to my mentor religion professors at Luther College, particularly Todd Green and Kristin Swanson, who helped me find my way here. Thank you to my HDS mentors, including Jen, Stephanie, Margaret, Corein, Chris, Kerry, Gloria, Morgan, and Katie, for seeing and believing in me. Thank you to the many communities within HDS who welcomed and embraced me: the HDS Choir, Tuesday Morning Eucharist (TME) community, Noon Service Steering Committee, HDS Catholics & Friends, my thesis cluster & seminar, HDS Catholic Renewal, Office of Student Life, Office of Admissions, and so many more.

Thank you to our band, Divine Intervention (Margaret, Kate, Madeline, Carolyn, Virginia, and Nicole), for getting me through the long hard days of virtual school with your music and friendship. Thank you, pod—Kate, Margaret, & Mary—y’all are so special to me. Thank you all for growing with me.

Future Plans

Next year I will be a chaplain resident at a hospital in Minneapolis. I plan to continue learning, growing, and making music within new communities in Minnesota.