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Michelle Goldhaber in front of a green wall with writing in Ukraine

Humans of HDS: Finding Footing in Ukraine

June 9, 2022
“It’s hard to be afar and to be distant. I feel a lot of passion for doing whatever I can to help even if I’m far away. If I can’t be there to give out blankets or to administer first aid or simply be with my friends in the bomb shelters, I want to do everything I can from here," says Michelle B. Goldhaber, MDiv ’05, HDS Alumni/Alumnae Council Chairperson. logo

Religious Studies Can Inform, Strengthen Journalism

May 15, 2022
Three HDS alums who now work in media reflected on how their religious studies at HDS prepared them for mining religions “to advance the public understanding of religion for the service of justice and peace.”
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Harvard Divinity School Names Five Recipients of Peter J. Gomes Honors

April 25, 2022
The Harvard Divinity School Alumni/Alumnae Council named the five recipients of its Peter J. Gomes Distinguished Alumni Honors earlier this month — a distinction named in honor of Gomes, who taught at Harvard for four decades and served as Pusey Minister of Memorial Church.
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Why We Worship Men as Gods

April 9, 2022
"There's this narrative that the modern world killed God. Actually the modern world keeps creating new ones," says Anna Della Subin, MTS '10.
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'A Man of Vision and Ideas' in Both His Law Firm and His Roxbury Church

April 7, 2022
“I’m doing what’s in the best interest not only of what we believe God is calling us to do but also in the best interest of the people that are in need. Sometimes that means making a decision that goes against business practices for the better good of the people as well as this community," said Willie Bodrick II, MDiv '14.