Student Activities and Interviews

Sally Hammel (left), Laurie Sedwick, Angie Cecil and Gretchen Legler embrace following their sunrise pilgrimage to Walden Pond in November. Photo by Jeffrey Blackwell, Memorial Church

Finding Meaning in the Journey

February 4, 2020
Stephanie Paulsell, Interim Pusey Minister in the Memorial Church and Susan Shallcross Swartz Professor of the Practice of Christian Studies at HDS, established a pilgrimage project in the fall that invited students, congregants, and other members of the Harvard community to find meaning and discovery closer to home.
J.Y. Lee

A History of God at Harvard

January 28, 2020
Offered as a prayer to his “first years,” proctor and MDiv candidate J.Y. Lee ponders the ways that God has shown up throughout Harvard's history.
Naman Patel

Humans of HDS: Hip Hop as a Form of Narrative

November 21, 2019

"Me being a hip hop artist ties into the dissemination aspect of my academic interests because I think historically hip hop and rap has been the means by which analytic critics have been able to compose their observations into songs that are received by people."—Naman Patel, MTS '20

David Diaz

Expressing Love

October 11, 2019

David Diaz, MDiv candidate and fellow in the Harvard College Office of BGLTQ Student Life, delivered the following remarks at Morning Prayers in Harvard's Memorial Church on October 9, 2019.... Read more about Expressing Love

Student Marissa Compton

Humans of HDS: Gratitude for Education

October 9, 2019

"Every day after class I went into the bathroom and cried just because there was so much emotion. It was amazing. It encapsulates a lot of my experience at HDS, where I think I know what it is, but then I realize that I do not understand things like justice and faith and power. Repeatedly my experience at HDS is realizing that I don’t know what words mean."—Marissa Compton, MTS ’20

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