Divinity Dialogues: President Emerita Drew Faust in Conversation with Dean Hempton

July 20, 2021
Dean David Hempton and Drew Faust, President Emerita of Harvard and Arthur Kingsley Porter University Professor.
Dean David N. Hempton and Drew Faust, Harvard President Emerita and 2021 Gomes Honoree.

This week, we conclude our Divinity Dialogues Gomes Award podcast series with a reflective conversation between Dean Hempton and our 2021 Gomes Friend of the School honoree, Drew Gilpin Faust.

Faust holds several titles, including President Emerita of Harvard University and Arthur Kingsley Porter University Professor. She has also been a longtime partner and advocate for the Divinity School and was recognized as this year’s Friend of the School for her humane leadership, guided by a profound commitment to collaboration and an unflinching attention to the past in service of a more just future.

This episode includes an excerpt from the discussion Dean Hempton had with President Emerita Faust at the award ceremony in May 2021.

Listen here:

A transcript of the conversation may be found here.