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Brekus course AHTL exhibit. Photos by Olivia Falcigno

Slavery Alongside Christianity

January 7, 2019

A student exhibition at Andover-Harvard Theological Library probes the ties and tensions between Christianity and slavery during American bondage.

Righard Bergh / Wikipedia Commons

How Dead Spirits Helped Women Find Their Voices

January 2, 2019
Ann Braude, director of the Women's Studies in Religion Program at HDS, discusses the Spiritualism movement in America during the nineteenth century, and how it helped bring women—and reformist ideas—into the public sphere.
Professor Frank Clooney in Jerusalem

HDS Professor Clooney Lectures in Jerusalem

December 18, 2018
"We can only pray that people of all three faith traditions reach deep into their traditions to find how God wants us to live together in peace ...," writes Professor Francis X. Clooney.
Ahmed Ragab and Soha Bayoumi

Meet Harvard’s Professor-Activist Power Couple

December 12, 2018
As activism on Harvard’s campus proliferates during the Trump presidency, HDS Professor Ahmed Ragab and Soha Bayoumi represent models of a new politically engaged professor.