Student Interviews and Activities

Lily Rose Valore as Alice. Photo credit: Carven Creative Media

Wonderland Reimagined

June 7, 2021
“When you’re growing up, it’s really easy to separate yourself from your own body, to be scared of your own body," says MTS candidate Nadia Issa, who dances the role of Absolem in Virtually Oberon's "Alice in Rainbowland." The message of “Rainbowland” is an antidote, said Issa. “When you turn into yourself, it feels good.”
Eboni Nash, MTS '21

Divine Rights

May 25, 2021
"With leaving Harvard I plan to come back to my accountable communities in whatever fashion that is and to share with them what I learned, the resources I acquired, and the networks that I’ve gained. That’s now all theirs," said graduating student Eboni Nash, MTS '21.