Ahmed Ragab

Ahmed Ragab and Soha Bayoumi

Meet Harvard’s Professor-Activist Power Couple

December 12, 2018
As activism on Harvard’s campus proliferates during the Trump presidency, HDS Professor Ahmed Ragab and Soha Bayoumi represent models of a new politically engaged professor.
Ahmed Ragab

We Endure

November 27, 2018

Ahmed Ragab, Richard T. Watson Associate Professor of Science and Religion at HDS, delivered the following remarks at Morning Prayers in Harvard's Memorial Church on November 27, 2018.... Read more about We Endure

Ahmed Ragab

Audio: Islamic Hospitals in Medieval Egypt and the Levant

July 26, 2015

From Baghdad to Cairo to Edirne, hospitals were major and integral components of medieval and early modern Islamic cities. But what role did they play in these cities and their societies? In this podcast, Professor Ahmed Ragab examines the history and significance of hospitals in Mamluk Egypt and Syria.

Ahmed Ragab

Pope Francis's Message on the Environment, Poverty, and Power

June 22, 2015

Pope Francis's much-anticipated encyclical on the environment, issued June 18, was received with both relief and concern, as it raised important questions to all of us—Christian or not, Catholic or otherwise.

Francis's 184-page document (PDF) had several purposes. First, it was meant to legitimize the Church's worldwide role in relation to climate change and other environmental problems. It presented itself as an appeal to humanity issued by one of its most...

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Measles panel

An Opening for Measles

February 27, 2015

HDS professor Ahmed Ragab, the director of the Science, Religion, and Culture program, moderated a panel of experts who discussed the return of measles and explored the legal, ethical, and public health issues surrounding childhood vaccination.