Israel Buffardi, MDiv '19

HDS Grad Finds His Community in Ministry

June 27, 2019
“It’s rare for a divinity school to have such a diverse group of people,” says Israel Buffardi, MDiv '19, of HDS. “[It allows for] building community with all different types of people and finding connections with each other and the values in their lives.”
Wendy Jehlen, MTS '00, as a starling in the “valley of bewilderment,” one of seven the birds must pass through on their search for Simorgh in The Conference of the Birds. Photo by Gary Alpert

Dance in Translation

June 14, 2019
Harvard Magazine writes about HDS alum and choreographer Wendy Jehlen’s "dance diplomacy."
Gomes Awards Logo

2019 Gomes Honors Emphasize Spiritual Innovation

March 5, 2019

In 1815, the Reverend William Ellery Channing laid out a vision for the graduates of the institution that would become Harvard Divinity School. In a fundraising circular written over the signature of Harvard President John T. Kirkland, Channing wrote that the new school’s alumni would be not only religious leaders who “speak to the conscience and heart with power,” but also scholars who “address our understandings with clearness” and “throw light over the obscurities of the sacred volume.”... Read more about 2019 Gomes Honors Emphasize Spiritual Innovation

Willie Bodrick, MDiv '14

"It Can't Stay the Same"

February 1, 2019
The Rev. Willie Bodrick, MDiv '14, is a pastor at Twelfth Baptist Church in Roxbury, Massachusetts, and is serving as a leader in state and local government.