Chris Berlin, second from right, leads a group meditation in Emerson Chapel.

Mainstream Meditation and the Million-Dollar Mindfulness Boom

August 13, 2019

Today, mindfulness meditation can be found everywhere from schools to prisons to sports teams.

The trendy fitness apparel company Lululemon is now advertising mindful clothing for men. There’s also Mindful Meats, Mindful Mints, and Sherwin-Williams sells a paint color they call Mindful Gray. There’s even Mindful Mayo, which you can buy at your local Whole Foods for $5.99.... Read more about Mainstream Meditation and the Million-Dollar Mindfulness Boom

Chuqiu Peng, MTS ’19

Humans of HDS: Challenging Stereotypes

March 20, 2019

“I have some stereotypes about Christianity and Islam, just because I do not know them well. I need more time to learn, to digest, to actually live fully, to learn fully.”—Chuqiu Peng, MTS ’19

glenn wallis

Video: The Case Against Buddhism

March 11, 2019

Presented as a rational, scientific, and practical religion, modern Buddhism appears to have all the answers. Even the secular forms of mindfulness promise ever-increasing practitioners that Buddhist meditation will provide the solutions to all their mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. But is there a problem with all of this?