Cornel West

HDS Professor Cornel West

'How Do We Shatter That Denial?'

January 25, 2021
Harvard Divinity School Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy Cornel West and Dartmouth College Professor Susannah Heschel, MTS '76, discuss the question: are there moral lessons for citizens and nations following last week's inauguration?
HDS Professor Cornel West

Professor Cornel West Co-Hosts New Podcast

June 17, 2020

HDS Professor Cornel West co-hosts the new podcast The Tight Rope, a weekly podcast that takes time to welcome listeners and guests as thought collaborators with West and co-host Brown University Professor Tricia Rose.

HDS Professor Cornel West

Communities of Faith and Covid-19

April 2, 2020
In a panel for Baylor University, HDS Professor Cornel West and alum Robert George, MTS '81, speak on faith communities coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, and what can religious leaders do for the communities during this time.
HDS Professor Cornel West

Cornel West on Nostalgia

October 3, 2019
"There are ways of being nostalgic that are childish, and there are ways that are childlike. The enabling form reinforces your sense of wonder and gets you outside of your ego and narcissism. The disabling form is a matter of wanting to control something that reinforces your narcissism and narrowness," says HDS Professor Cornel West.