Terry Tempest Williams

Divinity School Event Explores Humans’ Relationship to Nature

October 18, 2018
“Taproot: Stories of Nature & Restoration,” convened thinkers from a variety of backgrounds, who spoke about everything from indigenous communities, to religion, to mental health, each in relation to nature and humans’ complex relationship with it.
HDS staff member Ariella Ruth Goldberg

'Weathering Change'

September 6, 2018

An anthology released by Harvard’s Office for Sustainability features art and poetry by HDS and Harvard students, faculty, staff, and alumni who created the works in response to climate change.

Terry Tempest Williams

Terry Tempest Williams, in Thought

September 5, 2018
Writer and environmentalist Terry Tempest Williams talks about her activism, her craft, and the lessons recently learned as she begins her second year as writer in residence at Harvard Divinity School.

Video: Eco-Alchemy: Anthroposophy and the History and Future of Environmentalism

March 6, 2018

Dan McKanan, Ralph Waldo Emerson Unitarian Universalist Association Senior Lecturer in Divinity (HDS), discusses his recent publication, Eco-Alchemy: Anthroposophy and the History and Future of Environmentalism. Terry Tempest Williams (HDS) and Rebecca Kneale Gould (Middlebury College) serve as respondents.