Francis Clooney

Professor Frank Clooney

Three Monastics, Two Popes, and This Priest: Life at Harvard

November 13, 2019

"So there it is: three monastics, two popes, one priest, all in two days, grounded in the HDS and Harvard realities of today. Such events are outside the rightfully ordinary mainstream of Catholic community and ministry, to be sure, but it is good that they occur, and good for me as priest to be witness to them, part of this great and unpredictable flow of academic and spiritual energies," writes Professor Frank Clooney.


Professor Frank Clooney

Around the World in 21 Days

August 9, 2019
Professor Francis Clooney just completed an around-the-world trip in three weeks. "In all these sites, my task—and the rationale for the whole trip—was interfaith learning. Specifically, I wished to highlight the need to deepen dialogue by sustained, reflective study," he writes.
Redeem Priesthood

Clooney: Don’t Abolish the Priesthood. Redeem It.

June 20, 2019

"We must reform the church much more deeply and seriously, stripping away the clericalism, the old boys’ club mentality and the cluelessness of church officials who seem unable to talk to ordinary Catholics," writes Professor Francis X. Clooney, S.J.

Professor Frank Clooney

An Interreligious Opening in Hungary

May 23, 2019
"There is much to be said about the fate of small countries caught between East and West, subject to invasions over the centuries, and how that history affects people’s sense of themselves and others," writes Professor Francis X. Clooney.
Professor Frank Clooney

Lenten Upset, for the Sake of the World

April 10, 2019
"Such is the Christian story this Lent ... through Jewish or Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist eyes, or in other venerable traditions, whichever exposes us, illumines us, then gives us back our true selves," writes Professor Frank Clooney.