Faith and Women's Rights virtual panel speakers

Faith and Women’s Rights: The Role of Religion

January 18, 2022
The Harvard Center for African Studies hosted the Folorunso Alakija Distinguished Lecture on Religion and Public Life in Africa, titled "Faith and Women’s Rights: The Role of Religion," on December 1, 2021. The event was moderated by Leila Ahmed, Victor S. Thomas Research Professor of Divinity at HDS.
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Seeking Certainty in Uncertain Times

January 3, 2022
Distinguished Visiting Professor of World Religions Michael D. Jackson, an anthropologist, reflects on West African divination as a case study in hope during times of great uncertainty.
Nancy and X.D. Yang, AB ’87, MBA ’92

Nancy and X.D. Yang on Building an Intellectual Community

November 4, 2021

As the fall semester began in 2021, the first two Yang Visiting Scholars in World Christianity joined the HDS community eagerly awaiting them in Cambridge. Both Dr. Chandra Mallampalli, Professor of History at Westmount College in California, and Dr. Oluwakemi Abiodun Adesina, Associate Professor of History and Head of the Department of History and International Studies at Redeemer’s University in Nigeria, research and teach about Christianity as a worldwide religion. As the inaugural Yang Scholars, they are creating a foundation of experts that will expand over the years, numerically and geographically, thanks to the vision and generosity of Nancy and X.D. Yang.... Read more about Nancy and X.D. Yang on Building an Intellectual Community

Nadia Milad Issa

Modeling Multireligious Community: Nadia Milad Issa, MTS '22

November 4, 2021

Nadia Milad Issa (they/them) is a scholar-practitioner, dance educator, and an Iyalochá (fully initiated high priestess of Regla de Ocha-Ifá). A lifelong dancer, Nadia graduated from Hampshire College with an individualized degree in dance, anthropology, and Africana studies. They’ve continued fusing art and activism in their work at HDS, where they focus on Afrikan-derived traditions in the Afro-Caribbean diaspora, particularly Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian traditions of Regla de Ocha-Ifá, Candomblé, and Umbanda.... Read more about Modeling Multireligious Community: Nadia Milad Issa, MTS '22

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Could the U.S. Government Take Nonviolence Seriously?

September 3, 2021
“Baked into the international system and into diplomacy, especially in the West, is a great deal of simplistic and often biased thinking about religion,” said Susan Hayward, associate director of the religious literacy and the professions initiative at HDS.
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'Month of Unity' Aims to Help El Pasoans Heal from 2019 Walmart Mass Shooting

July 6, 2021
“The healing garden is about curing, not just remembering. It’s about restoration, it’s about hope of transformation, coming out of this,” said HDS Professor Davíd Carrasco. "It's also saying to the people who have tried to put a boot in the face of Mexicans and Mexican Americans in recent years — that we will not imitate your cruelty with ours."
‘Beyond Wishful Thinking’: Peace Building in the Middle East

‘Beyond Wishful Thinking’: Peace Building in the Middle East

February 11, 2020

On January 3, the United States launched a drone attack that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, whom United States officials said was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American and coalition soldiers. Soleimani’s killing prompted a retaliatory attack by Iran on an American base in Iraq, during which a Ukrainian passenger jet was mistakenly shot down, killing 176 people on board.... Read more about ‘Beyond Wishful Thinking’: Peace Building in the Middle East

Professor Giovanni Bazzana poses with students during a trip to Israel

Where the Present is a Continuation of the Past

October 30, 2018

History books are filled with accounts of the past, shaped by the perspectives of those who wrote them. A reader’s imagination may conjure events across the miles and millennia based on those accounts, but at best their own life experiences and interests may influence their sense of history. A fuller picture is guided by scholars in classrooms where lessons are shaped by a lifetime devoted to the study. And few historical events are as widely studied—and discussed—as those found in the Bible.... Read more about Where the Present is a Continuation of the Past