Matthew Potts

Interim Pusey Minister Stephanie A. Paulsell and her successor, Matthew I. Potts, both of Harvard Divinity School

The Morning Exercises, Virtual Again

May 27, 2021

Speaking alternately from outside Memorial Church, Interim Pusey Minister Stephanie A. Paulsell and her successor, Matthew I. Potts, both HDS professors, closed out the Honoring the Class of 2021 program with a benediction.

Professor Matthew Ichihashi Potts

Into a Waiting World

May 18, 2021
"In every case, at every level, we feel ourselves caught between a past we must let go and a future beyond our grasp. In every case we’ve been left with neither the comforts of the familiar nor the confidence of the foreseeable. In every case, all we really know about the future is that it’s coming," said HDS Professor Matthew Ichihashi Potts, newly appointed Plummer Professor of Christian Morals and Pusey Minister in the Memorial Church.
Professor Matthew Potts

Whose Image is This?

October 20, 2020
"As I’ve listened to our leaders and those who would become our leaders answers difficult questions of their own these last several weeks, I’ve been led to wonder: Do we fare any better than these Herodians and Pharisees? They are easy to accuse, but can we be as easily absolved?" says Professor Matthew Potts.
Professor Matthew Potts

Burning Hearts

May 4, 2020
Professor Matthew Potts offers the Sunday Sermon for Memorial Church.
Light Beyond Violence

Light Beyond Violence

February 1, 2016

When he first encountered the work of Cormac McCarthy as a college student in the mid-'90s, Assistant Professor of Ministry Studies Matthew Potts became spellbound by the novelist, whose dark and violent narratives have led readers deep into history (Blood Meridian) and forward into a post-apocalyptic future (The Road).... Read more about Light Beyond Violence