Karen Meeker

Bringing the Sacred to the Soldier

January 28, 2019

An explosion killed the sons of a local family, but the mother made it to Bagram Air Base, the largest U.S. military facility in Afghanistan. There she gave birth to a baby girl. The child was beautiful as all newborns are, but the parents rejected her because she was a girl. In Afghan society, females are required to have a dowry when given at marriage so families prefer male children.... Read more about Bringing the Sacred to the Soldier

Dan Cnossen

Heart of Mettle Seeks More Than Medals

April 12, 2018

This time it wasn’t about the medals. For Daniel Cnossen, it was about recapturing what drove his passion for the Navy SEALs: discipline, intensity, training, focus, commitment, and teamwork. And it was about adding another challenge to the adventure he’s lived since losing both his legs above the knee to an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan.... Read more about Heart of Mettle Seeks More Than Medals

David Hysong

Idealism in Action

December 7, 2017

David Hysong, MDiv ’15, finished his master’s degree in intellectual history in 2011 and found himself with a year’s lag time before he planned to enter the U.S. Navy. He was young, good looking, and smart. Most people in his position would probably have kicked back, gotten a job to pay the bills, and had some fun. But David Hysong is not “most people.”

... Read more about Idealism in Action

HDS Grad Hopes to Alter Military Culture

HDS Grad Hopes to Alter Military Culture

June 4, 2009

Lukas Filler likes a challenge. One of the 6-foot-5-inch former competitive swimmer's favorite pastimes is surfing … in the New England winter … before dawn.