Arthur J. Dyck

Arthur J. Dyck

Professor of Ethics Emeritus
Mary B. Saltonstall Professor of Population Ethics Emeritus in the School of Public Health
Arthur J. Dyck


  • BA, Tabor College
  • MA (Psychology), MA (Philosophy), University of Kansas
  • PhD, Harvard University


Arthur Dyck began teaching at HDS in 1965. As a Research Professor at the Divinity School, he continues his teaching and research. His main concentration is in ethical theory, with special application to questions of moral knowledge, human rights, and bioethics.

In 2005 Georgetown University Press published his revised version of Rethinking Rights and Responsibilities (1994), which reflects his extensive work in moral knowledge, ethical theory, and bioethics. His two books on physician-assisted suicide are When Killing Is Wrong (2001) and Life's Worth (2002) and he plans to revise the anthology Ethics in Medicine.

Professor Dyck developed new courses that incorporate the research in morality being generated by the neurosciences and the newly designated field of neuroethics. Future publications will be informed by this research in the areas of moral knowledge, bioethics, and Christian ethics. Two such articles, "The Empathic Emotions and Self-Love in Bishop Joseph Butler and the Neurosciences" and "Educating Physicians for Moral Excellence in the 21st Century," appeared in the Journal of Religious Ethics in December 2009.

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