Lana Jaffe Neufeld

Lana Jaffe Neufeld

Instructor in Advanced Spanish Translation
Lana Jaffe Neufeld


  • BA, Washington University in St. Louis
  • MA, University of Chicago


Lana Neufeld is teaching Advanced Intermediate Spanish Readings for Harvard Divinity School in the fall of 2020. She has been a teaching fellow for HDS’s Summer Language Program for three summers, and is beginning her fifth year as a teaching fellow in Harvard College. She is a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at Harvard University, focusing on identity construction in the context of exile, diaspora, and displacement in Latin American Jewish and Israeli Jewish literature. Other research interests include translation, collective memory, and trauma studies. Research languages include English, Spanish, Hebrew, French, Russian, and Korean.

Lana’s classroom goals include engaging students to facilitate their own learning by internalizing and interacting with the Spanish-language material and with their fellow students. This means that students take the language and the texts and make them their own and learn to use them in ways that are meaningful to their personal journeys and individual ways of thinking. Lana aims to include every student in both a collective and personal way and guide each student to activating learning strategies to experience the texts in the most purposeful way for them.

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