September 13, 2019

Now that the academic year is underway there’s a lot of activity on campus—and I’m not just talking about the construction for the Swartz Hall renewal.

Weekly events such as Community Tea and Noon Service kicked off last week, and the School’s first major event of the academic year—Convocation—was an inspiring celebration of the life and work of Toni Morrison.

Beginning this semester, some of our regular and recurring events were temporarily relocated because of the renewal of Swartz Hall, but it’s heartening to see how well-attended these events have been even so early in the semester. I wanted to use this space to highlight some of these events for those who may not be familiar with them, to remind everyone where they now take place, and to encourage you to attend as you can.

Community Tea, held Tuesday afternoons in Room 119 at 60 Oxford Street, has been a tradition at HDS for over 35 years. It offers a chance for students, faculty, and staff to engage in informal conversation over food and beverages. It’s a time to relax, refuel, and reconnect with the community.

Community Tea

Tuesday Morning Ecumenical Eucharist takes place in the Chapel in Divinity Hall. A rotation of HDS community members preside and preach, and it is preceded by silent prayer. This week, Laura Tuach, HDS instructor in ministry studies, offered a short lesson from Luke 6:12-17 in her homily.

Tuesday Eucharist

Noon Service, held on Wednesdays in Room 119 at 60 Oxford Street, is hosted by a different group each week and is an opportunity for all in the HDS community to pray, meditate, or gather together with our companions across the boundaries of our many respective traditions. There’s also musical accompaniment by the HDS Choir and Noon Service Band, along with Christopher Hossfeld, HDS director of music and ritual. This past week, it was hosted by HDS Disciples and United Church of Christ students.

Noon Service

These are just a few of the many events that take place each week at HDS. There are of course many more, including weekly events like a sitting meditation, a religious nones weekly meeting, and creative writing workshops, and special one-time events, like the upcoming talk “Farming While Black” by author and activist Leah Penniman. Be sure to check out the public events calendar, the religious services calendar, and our community events calendar for more events already scheduled and others to come.

Site work. Upcoming work on the Swartz Hall construction site includes ongoing window protection efforts, dewatering and excavation of the courtyard in preparation for the building addition, interior demolition, and daily deliveries and dumpster swaps. All activities are subject to change based on weather or other circumstances.