HDS Live Stream

April 25, 2017
eagle podium in andover chapel

The next live stream event at HDS will be a series of panels as part of the HDS Bicentennial Celebration, held April 28-29.

Friday, April 28:

  • The Women's Studies Revolution: The Room Where it Happened, 10:30 am, EDT (Event info)
  • Religion Matters: HDS at Harvard University (Deans' Panel), 1 pm, EDT (Event info)
  • Violence and Justice: the Missing Piece in our Anti-poverty Agenda, 2:30 pm, EDT (Event info)

Saturday, April 29:

  • In Conversation: The Bicentennial Gomes Honorees, 2:15 pm, EDT (Event info)      

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NOTE: If you receive a "404 not found" message, the event has likely not started. Please continue to refresh this page, then press the play button, until the event begins. Note that the audio will be muted until the event starts. Contact ithelp@harvard.edu to report a persistent problem.


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