Cheryl Giles's seminar

The Registrar’s Office is working a compressed work week this summer starting June 2, 2014 and ending August 9, 2014. We will be open 8:30am–5:30pm Monday–Thursday and closed on Fridays. During the week of June 30–July 4, our hours will be 9am–5pm.

In addition to keeping academic records, the registrar is responsible for the publication of course listings and the HDS Handbook for Students, exam and classroom scheduling, tuition and fee assessment, loan deferment requests, academic transcripts and diplomas, degree verification, and the petition process to the Committee on Academic Programs.

Current students can access personal and academic information, including online term bills, current class schedules, and internal, unofficial transcripts via my.hds (login required) under "Online Tools."

HDS Voices

Sierra Fleenor
Troubled by the tension between academic life and spiritual life, I came to HDS looking for answers. Through my courses I began to explore the ways in which the academic and the spiritual can be integrated. Whereas they once seemed like divergent paths, vocation and calling now feel synonymous.
—Sierra Fleenor, MTS '12
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