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Jesus and Disciples Carrying Crosses

The Cost of Discipleship

August 31, 2020
"Dietrich Bonhoeffer reminds us that the world desperately needs honest followers of Christ who speak truth to power, risk their necks to help those in trouble, refuse to play it safe when fundamental human values have been scorned and pushed aside, when hatred seeks to stifle love," writes Professor Frank Clooney.
Divinity Consultant Illustration

The Office Is Adrift and Divinity Consultants Are Here to Save It

August 28, 2020
“People were meeting what they identified as spiritual needs, but doing them in organizations that had no apparent spiritual connection,” said HDS Associate Dean for Ministry Studies Dudley Rose. “Like SoulCycle. People would cite SoulCycle.”
Women's Ordination

Women's Ordination Conference Surveys Catholic Women in Lay Ministry

August 19, 2020
"I think it's because they want that professional degree, and they want the respect that should come with that," said Patricia Simpson, counselor to Roman Catholic Students and Instructor in Ministry Studies at HDS. "I think they want to be able to state that they've prepared academically to the same level as ... the men being ordained."
Does the New Testament Support Christian Zionism?

Does the New Testament Support Christian Zionism?

July 21, 2020

"Seeking a basis for reconciliation between Jews and Christians has been a much-pursued enterprise over the past few centuries. For the most part, the quest has been founded upon a mutual willingness to dilute religious conviction or bracket it altogether," writes Professor Jon D. Levenson.

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