Women's Studies

For more than 40 years, research associates in the Women's Studies in Religion Program have challenged long-held assumptions about the meaning of religious scriptures, the presence of women as religious leaders, and the significance of religious teachings and practices.

Women's Studies in Religion Program

Humans of HDS: 2017 Commencement

Laura Krueger, MTS ’17

"Stories are so powerful: how we tell them, who we tell them to, and to what purpose. They shape and define how people understand themselves and others. My goal is always to capture the beauty I see in other people but that they might not recognize in themselves."—Graduating student Laura Krueger, MTS ’17
Meet the Humans of HDS


Diversity is an important value and a growing reality at HDS: greater diversity among students and faculty and a broad, expansive curriculum.

Faculty and Research

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Bicentennial Timeline

From groundbreaking research and initiatives to inspiring conversations with some of the most prominent thought leaders of our time, take a visual tour of HDS milestones from the past 200 years.

Harvey Cox and Willie Bodrick II

Faces of Divinity

Faces of Divinity is a special exhibit located throughout the HDS campus that sheds light on the School's path from Unitarian origins to a multireligious divinity school in the twenty-first century.

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Professor Todne Thomas

New Assistant Professor of African American Religions

Todne Thomas, an anthropologist who specializes in religion, race, and kinship, will begin teaching at HDS in the fall.

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Brittany Landorf

Beyond the Classroom

MTS candidate Brittany Landorf discusses how traveling to Tunisia enriched her studies at HDS while helping to connect her academic courses and theories with lived experience.

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