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Religion and Public Life

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New Program and Academic Offerings​

Religion and Public Life provides a way to understand religion in context, with special attention to questions of power, peace, and conflict.

Spring Semester Plans

Coronavirus Updates

On October 20, HDS announced it will conduct spring 2021 courses online. In so doing, the School seeks to maximize community safety and to allow students to make informed plans for travel, living arrangements, and enrollment. Visit the HDS Coronavirus Updates page for more information.


Humans of HDS

Amber Scorah

Amber Scorah, MTS '22

“I no longer feel zealous for a religion, but rather for the beautiful treasure that this life is, and the incredible fact that any of us are here. I am just trying to use this life in the most meaningful way I can, not just to create meaning for myself, but also for others.”

Humans of HDS

Faculty Spotlight

Mayra Rivera

Harvard Portrait: Mayra Rivera

“Growing up, I always loved literature and the philosophical questions it asked about the world. Religion was the other discourse that I knew was interested in those questions,” says Mayra Rivera, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Religion and Latinx Studies at HDS.

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