Swartz Hall Renovation

Exterior fireplace at Swartz Hall

The two new gas fireplaces constructed for our campus as part of the Swartz Hall renewal project will no doubt be popular gathering spots. The May 14 Swartz Hall update explains how the granite stones that made up portions of the original building were used to create the structure of the new interior fireplace. 

Featured Upcoming Event

Banner for Multireligious Commencement Service with various religious symbols

Family and friends are welcome to the Multireligious Commencement Service for HDS graduating students. Upon the occasion of this graduation, we join together across the many religious and spiritual traditions represented within our School and within this year’s graduating class. We gather in joy to give thanks for and to celebrate the diverse ministries, vocations, and aspirations of our graduates. Register online for this May 26 virtual event.

Coronavirus Updates

Spring campus

The School plans to have faculty, staff, and students return to campus for the fall term, to the extent allowed by the evolving public health situation. Visit the HDS Coronavirus Updates page for more information.


HDS Executive Education Program

Information Session for Religious Resources for Living Beyond Crisis Program

This session will be of interest to anyone considering attending Religious Resources for Living Beyond Crisis, held virtually June 6-10. Faculty director Charlie Hallisey walked through the program’s themes, and Laura Tuach explained the purpose and goals of the Meaning Making sessions.

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Faculty Spotlight

Terry Tempest Williams landscape shot

Podcast: Finding Beauty in a Broken World

Terry Tempest Williams discusses the course she's teaching this semester, the spiritual implications of climate change, and how we can still find beauty despite the chaos that surrounds us.

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