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A Christian Pilgrim Along the Buddhist Way

In his review of S. Mark Heim's latest book, Francis X. Clooney, S.J. writes that Heim "aims at a deeper understanding of Christian faith, now imbued with enormous respect for and gratitude to Buddhism."

Faculty Advice to Students

"Develop your peer network. Some of my most important relationships are ones I made in grad school. They are vital relationships. Invest in them. They see you through when you can’t get access to your adviser, when you need someone to read something or come to your panel."—Todne Thomas, Assistant Professor of African American Religions at HDS


Sana Saeed

HDS students develop a deep and intellectually rigorous understanding of the world’s religious traditions and the ways in which they shape the lives of people everywhere.


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Sick and Shut-in

Wylin Wilson, 2018–19 Women's Studies in Religion Program Research Associate, discusses religion, health, and the African American community in the rural south.

Sadada Jackson

Indigenous Languages

Sadada Jackson, MTS '19, embarked on a project to better capture Tozzer Library’s Indigenous North American materials in her capacity as a graduate research assistant.

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Cornel West

Joy in Struggle

"You're going to have to take a risk, you have to pay a cost, you're going to have to cut against the grain. It's not going to be fun, but there will be joy in that kind of struggle, joy in your intellectual courage," says Professor Cornel West.

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Swartz Hall rendering

Swartz Hall Renewal

Keep up to date on the progress of the renewal, as well as the build-out of our temporary offices around the corner at 60 Oxford St., by checking the regularly updated blog on the HDS site.

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Social Media

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