How Hinduism Embraces Ambiguity

What if religion taught us to embrace ambiguity instead of giving us the answers? Harvard Divinity School student Abhijith Ravinutala, MTS ’19, gives the 2-minute story on how Hinduism helps us find our way in a world of uncertainty.

Harvard Divinity Bulletin

White Evangelical views on Immigration

Kristin Kobes Du Mez writes in Harvard Divinity Bulletin that negative views about immigrants held by white evangelicals have more to do with militaristic masculinity than with Bible-based commitments.

HDS hosts over 50 visiting scholars each year

HDS offers a rewarding immersion in the world’s faith traditions and theological subjects and creates a broad educational experience where all voices are welcome.

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Veiled Women Unveiling God

S. Zahra Moballegh, 2018-19 Women's Studies in Religion Program Visiting Associate Professor, delivers the lecture "Veiled Women Unveiling God: Understanding the Qur’an Through Its Women Characters."

Alum Chris Hope

Mentoring Youth

Chris Hope is an HDS alumnus whose Cambridge-based workforce training program The Loop Lab offers audio-video recording and editing services to the community, and holistically mentors young adults from the Cambridgeport community.

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Religious symbols on chalkboard

Religious Literacy

Thanks to the Religious Literacy Project at HDS, high school students are developing better understanding of how the multiple facets of religion influence human experience.

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Historical Jesus course

Tracking the Historical Jesus

HDS Professor Giovanni Bazzana led his students on a journey exploring Jesus Christ as a man beyond—and before—the writings of the New Testament.

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