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The Delicate Power of Modern Orthodox Judaism

In the latest Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Shuli Taubes writes on what the future holds for this decentralized but tight-knit community.

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Gary Mason

The Role of Reconciliation, Memory, and Theology in Shaping the Public Stage

February 27, 2 pm, Andover Hall

The Rev. Dr. Gary Mason and HDS Dean David N. Hempton will explore what reconciliation looks like in a contested space and the power of memory and story in keeping the pain of the past alive.

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Ministry of Ideas

The Myth of Modernity

Many think modernity is about the rise of science, the spread of democracy and capitalism, or the decline of religion or superstition. But those stories ignore the bigger picture about colonialism and race.

Ministry of Ideas

Beyond the Classroom

Student with rock

Where the Present Meets the Past

Students in the HDS course “Historical Jesus” traveled to Israel on a journey exploring Jesus Christ as a man beyond—and before—the writings of the New Testament.

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From the Bulletin

Comics Creators

Comics as Midrash

Hillary Chute and Emmy Waldman write in the latest Bulletin that that superhero comic book and the graphic novel were both Jewish inventions.

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Pope Francis in Abu Dhabi

Pope Francis' Sinful and Prophetic Church

February 14, 2019
Being holy is never a private thing; it is also a matter of being a good neighbor, messenger of peace, a healer and servant, a builder of community, particularly across religious borders, writes Professor Frank Clooney.
HDS Film Fest

Film Festival Explores Religious Experiences, Tragedy, and Ministry

February 13, 2019

On February 7, HDS kicked off its second annual film festival with a screening of the critically-acclaimed documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (2018). The film’s executive producer, Geralyn Dreyfous, appeared via Skype following the screening for a discussion with the audience about the film and its star, television legend and Protestant minister Fred Rodgers.... Read more about Film Festival Explores Religious Experiences, Tragedy, and Ministry

Jon Levenson

What It Means to Read the Bible as Nothing More Than Great Literature

February 11, 2019
The proposition that “the Bible needs to be read as great literature,” then, is in large part a product of modern secularity, with its skepticism of religious claims and authorities and its high evaluation of the supposedly independent judgment of the objective and self-governing individual, writes Professor Jon Levenson.
Nuns and Nones

Nuns and Nones: Unlikely Partners Tackle the Big Questions

February 4, 2019
Women religious and millennials seeking meaning have become partners through a shared passion for social justice issues, community life, and their devotion to a greater purpose. The group, Nuns and Nones, has evolved with the help of several HDS alumni and students.
Rena Karefa-Smart, ThD '76

Remembering Rena Karefa-Smart, ThD '76

February 4, 2019
The Rev. Dr. Rena Joyce Weller Karefa-Smart, the first black woman to earn a doctor of theology degree from HDS in 1976 and a leader in the international movement to bring churches closer together, died on Jan. 9. She was 97.
Willie Bodrick, MDiv '14

"It Can't Stay the Same"

February 1, 2019
The Rev. Willie Bodrick, MDiv '14, is a pastor at Twelfth Baptist Church in Roxbury, Massachusetts, and is serving as a leader in state and local government.
Damaris Parsitau, 2018–19 WSRP Research Associate

Faces of Kenyan Science Honors WSRP Research Associate

January 31, 2019
Dr. Damaris Parsitau, research associate in Harvard Divinity School's Women's Studies in Religion Program, was named one of this year's Faces of Kenyan Science. She is one of 20 exceptional Kenyan researchers, practitioners, innovators, educators, and tinkerers.
Ohio gathering

Clergy Support Columbus Officers’ Civil-Rights Concerns, Other Issues

January 28, 2019
“There is a deeply rooted tradition in the United States, (and) around the world, of clergy functioning as representatives of their community and, in particular, functioning as community representatives who remind the community of their ideals,” says Senior Lecturer Dan McKanan.
Karen Meeker

Bringing the Sacred to the Soldier

January 28, 2019

An explosion killed the sons of a local family, but the mother made it to Bagram Air Base, the largest U.S. military facility in Afghanistan. There she gave birth to a baby girl. The child was beautiful as all newborns are, but the parents rejected her because she was a girl. In Afghan society, females are required to have a dowry when given at marriage so families prefer male children.... Read more about Bringing the Sacred to the Soldier

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