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Faculty expertise

Faculty expertise on religion’s role in society

“For Trump’s Evangelicals, the Inconvenient Teachings of Christ,” podcast episode with Professor Dudley Rose.

Ministry innovators

Insight into the latest research in religious studies

In the new Harvard Divinity Bulletin, HDS ministry innovators address ‘soul sickness’ afflicting the U.S.

Dean David Hempton

Stories of inspiration, compassion, and self-reflection

Dean David N. Hempton speaks at Morning Prayers on what it means to belong.

Hindu monastics

Up-to-date news and events from the HDS campus

A live-streamed conversation with three Hindu monastics visiting HDS this year on their personal journeys.


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Harvard Divinity Bulletin is a thought-provoking magazine published twice a year for a general audience interested in topics of religion. It provides a nonsectarian collection of articles, reviews, and opinion pieces about religion and contemporary life, religion and the arts, religious history, and the study of religion.

Since its inception, the Bulletin has been offered free to anyone who wished to receive it. As costs of materials and operations have risen, we now must ask that subscribers who are not alumni of (or donors to) Harvard Divinity School pay $15 annually to receive the Bulletin.

Subscribing is easy and safe, using TouchNet Marketplace, Harvard’s secure e-commerce provider. You can subscribe online at The Bulletin will still be available online at no charge.

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Latest Research

Harvard Theological Review is a peer-reviewed, scholarly theological journal. Issued quarterly, it publishes compelling original research that contributes to the development of scholarly understanding and interpretation in the history and philosophy of religious thought in all traditions and periods. It is available through Cambridge University Press.