Faculty & Research

Harvard University’s Faculty of Divinity are among the most distinguished scholars of religion and practitioners of ministry in the world. Experts in a wide range of disciplines and religious traditions, they teach and mentor students and perform vital, creative research to advance religious insight and scholarship.


David Carrasco, David Hempton, Louanne Hempton

A People Rediscovered

Leading Harvard scholars, including Dean David Hempton and Professor Davíd Carrasco, traveled to Mexico to inaugurate the Eduardo Matos Moctezuma Lecture Series, a five-year collaboration between Mexican cultural institutions, HDS, and other Harvard centers.

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Programs and Centers

Harvard Divinity School’s dedicated centers and programs advance critical subjects in religious literacy, international study, women and religion, and other areas. Events and campus speakers bring worldwide insight to Harvard.


The Center for the Study of World Religions fosters the development and growth of scholars by providing a space to examine the historical and contemporary interrelationships among religions.


Religion and Public Life educates students, teachers, and professional leaders on the role of religion in civic, political, and cultural spheres.


The Women's Studies in Religion Program produces new primary research and explores the fundamental role played by religious traditions in defining roles for women and men.

Pluralism Project

The Pluralism Project seeks to help Americans engage with the realities of religious diversity through research, outreach, and the active dissemination of resources.


The Program for the Evolution of Spirituality supports the scholarly study of emerging spiritual movements, marginalized spiritualities, and the innovative edges of established religious traditions, and prepares students for ministry in these movements.


Harvard Divinity Bulletin

HDB covers contemporary issues in religious thought and study, with frequent contributions from HDS faculty.

Harvard Theological Review

HTR publishes peer-reviewed scholarly articles on the history and philosophy of religious thought in all traditions and periods.