Student Organizations and Leadership

Student organizations provide opportunities for involvement, leadership, programming, social connections, and experiential learning that are crucial to the educational mission of the Divinity School.

The Office of Student Life supports student organizations at HDS. HDS student organizations reflect the diversity of student needs and interests. Resources are given to those students with new ideas who would like to establish new groups, as well as to the further growth and development of existing groups. All student organizations register with the Office of Student Life on an annual basis. Current HDS students can find the paperwork to register a new organization on the Student Life page of my.hds.

Student Representation

Students at HDS have ample opportunity to influence this great community through a variety of leadership opportunities. Students are represented on every faculty search committee and most administrative committees. The HDS Student Association allocates funding for student groups and programming initiatives that it receives from collection of the student fee.

The HDS Student Association provides students a voice in the administrative and policymaking procedures of the School, and opportunities for social connection. It also facilitates discussion among students, staff, and faculty. The elected student officers meet monthly with the Dean to discuss student concerns and issues that affect the entire community and provide opportunities for conversation among students, faculty, and staff through roundtable discussions and Town Hall meetings.

2021–22 HDS Student Association Council

  • President: Maya James, MTS ’22
  • Academics Chair: Bilal Rehman, MTS ’22
  • Communications Chair: Loré Stevens, MDiv ’22
  • Events Chair: Tessa Faust, MTS ‘23
  • Social Justice Chair: Azani Creeks, MTS ’22
  • Spirituality Chair: Nadia Milad Issa, MTS ’22
  • Student Affairs Chair: Noor Traina, MTS ’22
  • Treasurer: Kenashia Thompson, MDiv ’23

HDS student organizations

Following is a list of student organizations currently registered for the 2021–22 academic year. While many organizations carry on from year to year, many new organizations form and others subside. As a courtesy to our student organization leaders, we maintain a policy of not publicizing or distributing their contact information, but all are happy to receive inquiries about their involvement here at HDS.

Registered student organizations wishing to create programming at HDS can use the Online Student Event Planning and Request Form found on the Student Life page of my.hds, to request program needs: funding, meeting space, A/V support, and so on.

To be put in contact with the officers of a particular student organization, please email the Office of Student Life.

HDS Anglican/Episcopal Fellowship

The Episcopal/Anglican Fellowship serves Episcopal and Anglican students at HDS as a source of community and spiritual formation. We gather weekly for Eucharist in the Anglican tradition on Mondays at 11:30 am in Divinity Chapel where all are welcome.

Black and Brown Snack Club at HDS

We are an informal social group for students of color at HDS. We gather weekly to affirm each others' experiences, process feelings, share tips on navigating white-dominated institutions...and eat snacks!

HDS Buddhist Community

The HDS Buddhist Community (HBC) is a nondenominational Buddhist group serving the Harvard and Cambridge communities, supporting engagement with Buddhist traditions through spiritual practice as well as academic study. We host weekly meditation gatherings, social functions, and other Buddhism-related Dharma-related events throughout the school year. Learn more by reaching out to us or follow the Harvard Buddhist Community on Facrbook.

HDS Catholics & Friends

HDS Catholics & Friends seeks to provide spiritual support and fellowship for the Catholic community at HDS. We also seek to share in the full depth and breadth of interreligious dialogue and interfaith work with all of our fellow students and religious student organizations. Our activities vary based on the interests of our membership but typically include weekly mass and social gatherings. Please come join us!

HDS Catholic Renewal

HDS Catholic Renewal seeks to be a space of community for folks working for justice in the Catholic Church. Specifically, HDS Catholic Renewal will feature programming aimed at elevating the leadership and ministry of women and non-binary members of the Church; challenging clericalism and building a just Church; affirming queer, trans, and BIPOC Catholics; engaging social justice issues in the context of Catholicism; embracing internal diversity and fostering theological discussion; and creating visibility for progressive Catholics. The group also aims to be an intentional spiritual space for supporting and welcoming those who have been harmed by or alienated from the Church, and together exploring how we can use the resources of Catholicism to create a life-affirming faith community.

If you have ever felt like you were out of place in a Catholic space or are simply curious about possibilities for a more just Church, this group is for you. Join us as we grow together in promoting a vibrant, participatory, and justice-oriented Catholic church where all identities, ministries, and experiences are lovingly invited. Email:

Charlar y Chill: HDS Spanish Conversation Club

The HDS Spanish Conversation Club offers opportunities for students to develop their Spanish speaking and listening skills through conversation, games, and the occasional movie night. We meet regularly to practice speaking in a low-pressure, friendly environment.

HDS Christian Ministries (HCM)

Harvard Christian Ministries (HCM) is an organization for Harvard Divinity graduate students who identify as Christian or gravitate towards the Christian faith. HCM is a faith-based student-led group at the Harvard Divinity School, intending to advance and enrich HCM members' lives through intentional fellowship, mindfulness, Bible study, group reflection, and sharing. We are believers in Christ who come from diverse backgrounds. Though the organization's centrality is Christian-based, we encourage anyone interested in learning more about various theological, Biblical, and moral perspectives on life to check out our ministry. People of all races, classes, gender, sexuality, and faiths are welcome. Email:

Come As You Are: HDS Writer's Workshop

Come as you are to write, share, and foster a community around the written word. Whether you aim to tune into the divine around or within you, we hope to build a space for everyone—from published authors to folks expressing themselves through creative writing for the first time. This is a workshop, so come prepared to share, read, listen, and write alongside other HDS community members.

DUCCS: Disciples and United Church of Christ Student Group

This student denominational group meets to create community, develop and sustain relationships, build awareness and understanding, provide opportunities for worship and gathering, offer educational and vocational advocacy, and nurture a circle of connection and creativity for those who identify with the Disciples or United Church of Christ traditions or simply seek an open and welcoming group of students and peers.

HDS Eco-Theology Fellowship

The HDS Eco-Theology Fellowship brings together students who share a commitment to cultivating their spirituality through engagement with the natural world and its residents, human and non-human. The Fellowship provides opportunities to share, learn, explore, mourn, celebrate, and worship with other members of the HDS community.

HDS Film Club

This club will open up a space for HDS (and other students) to discuss films with spiritual, religious, and/or mystical aspects through film.

HDS Garden Group

The HDS Garden was born in spring 2009 of the collaborative efforts of EcoDiv, the Divinity School’s environmental student group, and the HDS Green Team, a committee of staff from multiple departments committed to decreasing the school’s ecological footprint.

Located on the grounds of the Harvard Divinity School between the Women’s Studies in Religion Program and the Center for the Study of World Religion, the fourteen beds that make up the HDS Garden are intended to foster sustainability as a way of life for the Divinity School community. Our gardeners grow organic vegetables and flowers for use at HDS events and a twice-monthly harvest for Faith Kitchen, a ministry of Faith Lutheran Church in Harvard Square.

The garden team is committed to improving the quality of life within the HDS community, providing healthy food, work opportunities in the outdoors, inspiration towards increased self- and community-sustainability, and a space where people can breathe, rejuvenate, revive. The garden is open to all members of the HDS community, and is a sacred space where anyone can come, pick up a tool, and work with nature to grow together.

HDS Graduate Christian Fellowship

The HDS Graduate Christian Fellowship is a Christ-centered community seeking to reflect the universal body of Christ. We represent the broader evangelical tradition with many different denominations and cultures but are united by faith in the triune God, trust in the Bible, and our love for our Savior, Jesus Christ. We meet weekly to engage in fellowship, study Scripture, encourage one another, and pray together. We also participate in Harvard-wide Graduate Christian Fellowship events.

HDS Graduate Journal of Religion

The Graduate Journal of Harvard Divinity School highlights exemplary work by graduate students in the study of religion that interprets, responds to, and shapes the religious dynamics running through public life. Each year, we publish a student-led, peer-reviewed academic journal that features compelling research from a variety of disciplines surveying the study of religion and the modern academy. Learn more by emailing us at or follow on Facebook and Twitter @HDSGradJournal.

Harambee: Students of African Descent at HDS

Harambee: Students of African Descent was established in 1978 as an affinity group for Black students at Harvard Divinity to build intentional community and celebrate Black cultural and historical matters. Follow Harambee on Instagram and Facebook @HarvardBRSCC.

HDS Hindu Group

The HDS Hindu Group is an intentionally inclusive community that welcomes practitioners, students, academics, and seekers. Events held throughout the year include holiday celebrations, community service opportunities, and general educational seminars. Learning and experiencing the traditions within Hinduism take many forms, and we welcome you to join us. For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with Vandan Sadhak at

HDS Holy Bees

HDS Holy Bees provides students with the equipment and mentorship to learn and practice beekeeping skills. We also expand awareness concerning bees, other pollinators, horticulture, and climate.

HUNAP Chapter at HDS

As the HDS chapter of HUNAP (Harvard University Native American Program) we desire to bring together Indigenous students and interested individuals for the purpose of advancing the well-being of Indigenous peoples through self-determination, academic achievement, and community service.

HDS International Students

HDS International Students is a social platform that celebrates and supports the unique experiences of international students at Harvard Divinity School. We endeavor to foster cross-cultural awareness and invite you to share and learn about different traditions and perspectives. Join the HDS International Students Facebook group.

Joyous Noise at HDS

This group developed out of an interest in figuring out/learning how to create musical spaces that would feel inviting to anyone who feels connected to the sacred through music, whether or not they think they are good at it. In our weekly gatherings, we will make joyous noise together through chanting and other forms of musical worship that cultivate sacredness through community intention rather than tone and intonation. We wish to create a grateful and welcoming space for all who offer to share their practice, a piece of their beloved community, as well as a space for wondrous experimentation and collaboration. Email:

HDS Jews for Liberation

HDS Jews for Liberation offers warm, creative, spiritual and political space for anti-Zionist and non-Zionist Jews, as well as Jews questioning their relationship with Zionism.

HDS Kehillah: A Jewish Student Community

HDS Kehillah is dedicated to providing Jewish students, non-Jewish students, Jewish faculty and staff, and all other HDS community members with a strong, accepting, safe, and welcoming Jewish community.

Every Friday, we gather at 5 pm for Fridays @ Five on campus. We light Shabbat candles, recite blessings, and connect and reflect with each other to close out the week. We also come together for monthly Shabbat dinners, where we cater delicious food from local restaurants.

Our students are connected to and join vibrant Jewish communities through Hillel, Chabad, and synagogues throughout Cambridge, Somerville, and beyond. We provide educational and community-building events around the holidays. Our group is growing and designing new traditions every year and we would love for you to join us and bring your own traditions!

HDS Leaves of Grass

HDS Leaves of Grass celebrates, investigates and discusses religion in counter-cultural movements and moments. We organize discussions and experiences regarding transformation and transcendence. Our primary output will be zine literature, but other creative endeavors are also welcome and encouraged.

Love You, Miss You: A Peer-Led Grief Support Circle at HDS

This space is for all who have lost someone close to them. We will share our stories about the person or people we have lost, discuss our grieving processes, and how our grief journeys affect our lives at HDS and beyond. We want this to be a space where we support one another as we navigate the difficult waters of experiencing loss. As a peer-led group, our priority is in building relationships and community, and we have the freedom to shift our approach in order to meet the needs of our group. This circle is not affiliated with any one faith, but we invite you to bring your full religious, non-religious, and/or spiritual self to this group. We also invite you to share with us religious or secular thought, meditation, prayer, or ritual that has helped you in your grief journey. A chaplain intern will be available for support. Email:

HDS Lutherans

HDS Lutherans seek to grow in understanding both the depth and breadth of Lutheran identity, and to creatively share such understanding with others while treasuring the plural nature of this place. We orient our time together around worship, community, and learning. All are welcome, and we delight in the presence of ecumenical and interfaith friends. We gather weekly, alternating between worship at HDS and theological conversation about issues that matter at a local pub. In the spring, we attend the "Lutherans in Diaspora" conference with Lutheran divinity students from Yale, Union, and Princeton. We are grateful for the leaders and members of University Lutheran Church, Faith Lutheran Church, and Good Shepherd Lutheran Church who provide consistent support for our members.

HDS Methodists

The purpose of United Methodist Covenant Group is to gather in the Wesleyan tradition of weekly covenant group meetings, as well as providing support and fellowship through other activities.

HDS Movement and Spirituality Club

Movement and Spirituality Club is a place and community built on exploring our own spiritual lives and growth through movement practices - whether they are explicitly religious and spiritual or not- emphasizing embodied knowing and learning through practice. Together we inquire into how movement practices are tools for spiritual insight and/or the very insights themselves.

This group is a place for us to share resources with each other- whether that be sharing physical practices, info on upcoming events, classes, and opportunities, interesting materials around movement and spirituality & religious studies as an academic field, or whatever else!

HDS Movement Chaplaincy Club

The HDS movement chaplaincy club is focused on providing opportunities for students interested in spiritual care supporting organizing and justice work.

HDS Muslims

To provide a community for HDS members who identify as Muslim; to engage the HDS, Harvard, and wider community in social justice, community peace building, and access to a welcoming space.

Nahuatl Notequixpoyohuan at HDS

Nahuatl Notequixpoyohuan ("my Nahuatl Friends") at HDS is a group that studies Nahuatl, an Indigenous Mexican language. We primarily will work with Classical or "Older" Nahuatl in addition to a modern variant from the Huasteca of Veracruz.

HDS Outdoors Club

The HDS Outdoors Club will expose HDS students to the wonders of the outdoors. We will go camping, kayaking, and hiking. We will commune with nature and with each other in the pursuit of.

HDS Pagan Way

For pagans and pagan-curious individuals to meet, socialize, exchange views and information, and organize and perform rituals.

HDS Presbyterians

This group provides HDS Presbyterians, and those interested in Presbyterianism, a chance to worship, reflect, and socialize with one another.

HDS Prison Abolition Community

HDS Prison Abolition Community (HPAC) (formerly HPEP) centers relationship building as the basis for abolition work. We focus on contributing to a world beyond incarceration through acts of solidarity with people on the inside as well as community organizing on the outside. We strive to facilitate and improve educational opportunities for those incarcerated; educate our communities about the abhorrent social conditions created by incarceration; challenge authority structures to abolish the prison-industrial complex; and practice transformative justice in our own communities. Email: HDS Prison Abolition Community (HPAC) (formerly HPEP) centers relationship building as the basis for abolition work. We focus on contributing to a world beyond incarceration through acts of solidarity with people on the inside as well as community organizing on the outside. We strive to facilitate and improve educational opportunities for those incarcerated; educate our communities about the abhorrent social conditions created by incarceration; challenge authority structures to abolish the prison-industrial complex; and practice transformative justice in our own communities. Email: Facebook: @HDSPAC

Queer Rites at HDS

Queer Rites is a group of students who have come together to foster dialogue and to explore ritual around what it means to be queer, what it means to be spiritual, and where those two intersect and interact. We are a space for investigation of the meaning of being queer at HDS. Email: Instagram: @queerrites

HDS Religiously Redefining

The purpose of this group is to gather a supportive community of those who are exploring or challenging the beliefs, boundaries, and practices of their current religious and spiritual affiliations, practices, and identities. This may include those who identify with or are choosing to practice crossovers between multiple religions, and/or combinations of religious faiths and rituals, or those who identify as religious nones, deists, theists, or none of the above, but who nonetheless pull from or seek to explore, find, choose, or create a path towards a non-conforming, non-traditional, currently not formally well-defined, or potentially not currently formally existing religion or system of spiritual practices and shared beliefs.

HDS Responsible Organization Initiative

The HDS Responsible Organization Initiative (HDS ROI) empowers students to advance responsible practice in businesses and organizations. HDS ROI provides a forum for individuals of all backgrounds to constructively engage the fields of business, entrepreneurship, leadership, and management in their scholarship, professional work, and community organizing. Our goal is to equip students and faculty at HDS and across the Harvard community with the training and peer support necessary to lead positive organizational change. 

HDS Student Association

The HDS Student Association, formerly SAEC, contributes the voice of students to the administrative and policy-making recommendations of the School. Through the work of the elected student officers and with the approval of the Dean, student representatives are assigned to HDS committees. The HDS Student Association provides opportunities for conversation among students, faculty, and staff through roundtable discussions and town hall meetings.

HDS Students for Justice in Palestine

HDS Students for Justice in Palestine stands in solidarity with Palestinians living under occupation and in the diaspora. With a fundamental belief in the dignity and rights of all human beings, we protest the conditions of the Israeli apartheid state and advocate for a world without occupation, systemic racism, and colonialism of all kinds.

HDS Students Uniting Spirituality and Health

HDS Students Uniting Spirituality and Health (SUSH) seeks to create a space for Harvard students of all disciplines to learn and develop the skills, vocabulary, and confidence to contribute to (and advocate for) a broader definition of care. We aim to cultivate an interdisciplinary conversation around spirituality and medicine. SUSH is interested in the unique perspectives that faith, spiritual, and moral voices can bring to the health care conversation while building collaboration between academics, researchers, and practitioners. Through events, peer support, training, faculty mentoring, and co-facilitated research, we hope to expand the healthcare-centered progress achieved at Harvard University and beyond. Learn more:

Student Visual Story Lab at HDS

The Student Visual Story Lab (SVSL) is a program that provides a small group of students resources to create their own meaningful visual stories (1 to 10 minutes in length) that explore spirituality and connections on film.

HDS Surf Club

Walk on Water, Dance with the Divine, Wipe Out with Reverence. Let's paddle out together! The Harvard Divinity Surf Club is for those stoked to co-create a regular relationship with the Ocean. Let's learn how to ride the up's and down's with BLISS! Our gatherings will include a little bit of ritual yoga and meditation and aim to get us in/near the water once a month. Open to all levels! The best surfer is the one who has the most fun! Interested? Please contact Lindsay Sanwald (MDiv ’22) at with your stoke, questions, and ideas.

HDS Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Students

HUUMS's mission is to support each other in studies, vocations, and lives through worship, professional and spiritual development opportunities, and fellowship; to advocate for excellence in UU scholarship and ministry at HDS; and to represent the interests of its members in the larger community of HDS, the BTI, and Unitarian Universalism. Email:

HDS Vision Lab

Vision Lab is an experiment in living the future now. We are researchers of the sacred; a laboratory of ecstatics; intersectional, far-sighted argonauts of the 22nd century. We titrate the latent promise of the human being, as an (im)possble love opens its eyes within us. We genuinely like each other. Our research engages only the most unrealistic objectives, without dismantling the apparatus of intellect or incisive aesthetic curiosity. We hypothesize enlightenment, social justice, friendship, presence, mystery, joy, collectivity, environmental symbiosis. We see the other as we see ourselves [there is no other, nor is there a self!]. We feel at home with the bewildered annihilation of prophets, with mystics, prisoners, many-eyed spiders. Our membership is a vessel of vast proportions and includes you and me: the moony, woolgathering accountants and iridescent entrepreneurs, airplane pilot abuse survivors and sail-surfing mothers, the supposedly dead and the living, the lost and the found, and all who live in between. We offer the beginner's mind of the future, a mind that sees without seeing, from the visionary eye of the heart within the heart in our bodies, that shines like a resplendent laboratory in the night forever. At Vision Lab, we create artistic and literary works, performances, research collaborations, and other innovative spaces of engagement. Vision Lab engages a variety of techniques in order to manifest an experience of human transformation spanning the areas of contemporary spirituality, social and environmental justice, science and technology, and literary and artistic practice. Founded by Kythe Heller at Harvard Divinity School in 2017, Vision Lab now includes an ever expanding core group of artists, poets, spiritual teachers, musicians, filmmakers, scholars, activists, tech creatives, healers, yogis, futurists, tech start-up entrepreneurs, scientists, and students. We range in age from nineteen to eighty, with members in diverse genres of creation, geographical location, ethnicity, gender, ability, and socio-economic situation. Our identity is continous transformation. We have created and presented our work through public performances and workshops, residencies, conferences, and experiential retreats, in residence at the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard Divinity School, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, and MIT's Experimental Collections. Click here to find out more about our past work. Throughout the pandemic, Vision Lab has been meeting online with a global membership and creating a large-scale online arts festival and installation called Conference of the Birds, on the theme of creative and regenerative possibility and symbolized by the mythological phoenix. We're currently planning upcoming collaborations with other Harvard and MIT Institutes and the larger global arts community and we invite new members and collaborative ideas and venues for 2021 and beyond.

HDS Womanist Book Club (HWBC)

The Harvard Womanist Book Club (HWBC) is an organization for intersectional readers and students who want to infuse social transformation and social justice initiatives into their studies or bookshelf. HWBC intentionally has the mission of gathering like-minded folx to discuss books, ideas, discover new books, read book reviews and find essays on gender equity, womanism, Black feminism, feminism, and Africana Womanism. The book club also explores the past and current political climate while also imagining the future. The books chosen can make us laugh, cry and learn. Email:


HDS&D is a group of HDS students playing tabletop games such as Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). We meet regularly to play and discuss.

Other groups open to students

Harvard Divinity School Choir

The HDS Choir sings occasionally for the weekly Noon Service as well as for the annual "Seasons of Light" celebration. The choir rehearses on Tuesdays from 4:45 to 5:30 pm in 60 Oxford Street, room 114, and has a quick warm-up before Noon Service on Wednesdays at 11:45 am in 60 Oxford Street, room 119. Any students, staff, or faculty interested in joining the choir may contact Christopher Hossfeld, Director of Music and Ritual.

Wednesday Noon Service Steering Committee

Hosted each week by a different religious community of the HDS campus and overseen by a steering committee of students and staff, this weekly service allows the HDS community to pray with our companions across the boundaries of our many respective traditions. The Wednesday Noon Service Steering Committee is dedicated to creating a safe and respectful environment for diverse faith-based and student-run groups at HDS. Acknowledging the unique religious diversity of our campus, we aim to support and advance the religious pluralism of the School by engaging and honoring the many religious perspectives, commitments, and experiences among us. By creating a recognized time and place for all of us to come together in prayer, in reflection, in ritual, and in conversation, we seek not only to aid the ongoing dialogue among our various faiths, but also to come to know and to serve each other.