Local Faith and Non-Religious Communities

HDS students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to gather with the many faith communities that meet on the wider Harvard University campus and throughout the cities nearby. Explore resources and communities available through the Harvard ChaplainsThe Memorial Church, the Pluralism Project's Directory, the HDS Field Education Handbook, and/or denominational web directories.

The list of non-religious/spiritual communities near HDS is also not exhaustive. It includes communities and groups in Boston outside of traditional houses of worship that HDS students looking to expand their spiritual resources may find interesting.

If you are an HDS student seeking a faith community to fit your particular needs and background, Director of Religious and Spiritual Life Kerry Maloney is available for consultation, as are the denominational counselors through the Office of Ministry Studies. Please note that the websites included here are maintained by organizations external to Harvard Divinity School, and their inclusion in this document does not necessarily imply endorsement.

Faith Communities Frequented by HDS Community

African Methodist Episcopal



Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  • LDS Meetinghouse (Young Single Adult Ward, Single Adult, Student Single Wards)
    2 Longfellow Park, Cambridge
  • LDS Meetinghouse (English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Portuguese Wards)
    65 Binney St, Cambridge

Conservative Congregational Christian Conference

Episcopal Church


Humanist, Secular, Agnostic





Orthodox Christian



Protestant Church, Interdenominational

Religious Society of Friends (Quaker)

Roman Catholic


United Church of Christ

Unitarian Universalist

Non-Religious and Spritiual Communities

Artisan’s Asylum

A non-profit community fabrication center with a mission to support and promote the teaching, learning, and practice of fabrication.

Artists for Humanity

Hires teens to work collaboratively with mentors to inspire solutions—both big and small—to meet their clients’ needs.

Beacon Hill Friends

A center for Quaker educational activities, the home of House Beacon Hill Friends Meeting, and a residential intentional community inspired by Quaker principles.

Boston Dharma Punx

A community of rebellious natured people who have found solace in the search from within, with practices based on Theravadan Buddhist teacher and author Noah Levine.

Boston Makers

A non-profit organization working to create a safe, affordable, and collaborative workspace to cultivate a community of makers who share their work and expertise in art, technology, and culture.

Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

A modern order of nuns who describe themselves as “sacred clowns” of the community, comprising people of all gender identities, all spiritual affiliations, and all proclivities to do good works.

Cambridge Hackspace

A maker space where people can gather and work on their projects, have access to larger or expensive tools, and provide a place where the community can share their knowledge.

The Cambridge Insight Meditation Center 

A nonprofit, non-residential urban center for the practice of Insight meditation (Vipassana).

Church of the Larger Fellowship

A Unitarian Universalist congregation without walls whose members live Fellowship all over the world, connecting and worshipping primarily online.

The Crossing

A young adult worship community built on Episcopal and contemplative traditions that brings the compelling parts of worship outside the Sunday morning box and claims holy experiences outside of church walls.


An artist-run workshop, residency, and retreat center providing a dynamic mix of dance, somatic, and interdisciplinary arts training, with a focus on sustainable living, social justice, and community.

Humanist Hub

A nonreligious community committed to the power of connection to help us do good and live well.

Make Shift Boston

An affordable coworking space and event venue supporting social justice and creative community.

The Meeting Point

A community center of independent providers providing mental health and body work services, hosting community events, and collaborating with community groups and grassroots organizations to serve communities whose needs have been underserved in medical settings.

The Sanctuary

A new spiritual community that meets twice a month for dynamic worship, authentic connection, and transformation for seekers of all kinds who haven’t found a community in traditional religious offerings.

Still Harbor

A group of chaplains for social justice that teaches and practices spiritual awareness, understanding, and perspective building to create a network of transformative leaders for change.

Sunday Assembly

A radically inclusive godless congregation that welcomes all humans/ Boston cyborgs/aliens-in-disguise monthly to sing, listen to speakers, and gather with the hope that all can live better, help often, and wonder more.

Unitarian Universalist Community Cooperatives

Two intentional communities in the Boston area living based on values Cooperatives and tradition through cooperative home ownership of a diverse community centered in justice, shared resources, and faithful action.