Denominational Instruction

The multireligious MDiv degree nurtures the skills necessary for professional ministry in a post-denominational world. Any person seeking ordination should contact their denomination, both at the local and organizational level, for a full understanding of specific requirements. 

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The HDS Office of Ministry Studies employs part-time denominational counselors who serve the needs of several particular faith communities at the Divinity School.

Denominational Counselors

Rali M. Weaver

Rali M. Weaver

Counselor to Unitarian Universalist Students
60 Oxford Street, room M18A
p: 617.459.5979
Office Hours: Fridays 11 am–3 pm (in Rock Café from 11 am to noon; at HUUMS worship from noon to 1 pm, and in the Denominational Counselors office from 2 pm to 3 pm) and by appointment