Pentecostal Ordination

Although, there are many requirements for ordination in the Pentecostal Denomination, each student must have a clear understanding of the history, doctrine, principals and practice of Pentecostal believers.

Ordination must have a National Standard, so that there will be common ground rules and common expectations for Ordained Elders.

The Aim and Goal is to raise both the spiritual and professional level of competence in ministry throughout the Pentecostal brotherhood.

A certification that the candidate has met certain requirements established by the state to perform priestly duties, such as weddings, conduct funerals, serve as chaplains in the military, hospitals, and other institutions.

The candidate must be able to administer the sacraments, to represent the community of faith in local emergencies and/or disasters.
To be an ambassador or spokesman for the Kingdom of God. 

Specific Requirements 

  • A recommendation from pastoral Leadership 
  • Seminary, Bible School, or Denominational training school. 
  • Security Check: Background, Cory record  
  • Denominational examinations: Written and Oral