Approximately 100 accredited field education sites are affiliated with HDS and are open to MDiv and MTS students. These sites have agreed to our policies, and generally also have an on-site supervisor who has attended a year-long training course in supervision. Students are encouraged to contact sites directly to explore their interest in an organization for summer and academic year placements. At the beginning of each academic year, the Office of Ministry Studies hosts a site fair for field education settings. Students should arrange for on-site interviews at the beginning of the field education placement process.

BTI Consortium sites

If a student is unable to find a suitable field education placement with an HDS-accredited site, the student may pursue a Boston Theological Interreligious (BTI) Consortium placement, in consultation with the director of field education. Each school within the BTI Consortium welcomes students from other schools to engage in field education at one of their sites, when the site is not filled by one of their own students.

Clinical pastoral education sites

There are several accredited Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) centers in the Boston area. Please see the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education's (ACPE) website for more information.