Certificate in Religion and Public Life

Religions have functioned throughout human history to inspire and justify the full range of human agency, both for good and for ill. Their influences remain potent in the twenty-first century in spite of modern predictions that religion’s global impact would steadily decline in concert with the rise of secular democracies and advances in science. Understanding these complex religious influences is a critical dimension of understanding modern human affairs in local, national, and global arenas.

HDS offers the Certificate in Religion and Public Life (CRPL) to existing MTS and MDiv students. Through a structure of coursework, mentoring, an internship, and a final project, students will explore the challenges and opportunities that arise when a nuanced understanding of religion is employed within a particular area of focus such as education, journalism, government, humanitarian action, or entertainment media.

Certificate in Religion and Public Life: Requirements

  • Successful completion of all relevant degree requirements for the MTS or MDiv degree.
  • Enrollment in a designated introductory or foundational course for the area of concentration. 
  • Successful completion of an internship in the area of concentration. 
  • Enrollment in the Religion and Public Life Capstone Seminar, where participants pursue a final project relevant to their certificate focus and in consultation with a project advisor.
  • A minimum grade of B for both the relevant introductory or foundational course and the Religion and Public Life Capstone Seminar.