Dual Degrees

Master of Theological Studies (MTS) and Master of Divinity (MDiv) students may take advantage of the opportunity to pursue degree programs concurrently in a number of schools of the University. Harvard Divinity students have earned dual degrees from the Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Law School, and Tufts University Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Students planning on pursuing a dual degree apply both to HDS and the second degree program, either concurrently with their initial application to HDS or during their first year of enrollment at HDS.

It is a student’s responsibility to inform HDS of their acceptance into the second degree program. Upon acceptance of the offer of admission to the second degree program, a student must provide the Registrar’s Office with a copy of their admissions acceptance letter.

Incoming students in dual degree programs will meet with the Associate Dean for Enrollment and Student Services during orientation. At that time, they are given a program overview and a degree program plan. Continuing students in dual degree programs will meet with the Registrar as soon as possible after admission to the second degree program to review their degree progress to date and receive the degree program plan.

The degree program plan includes:

  • A listing of the planned semesters of enrollment at each campus

  • The number of courses planned for each semester of enrollment

A Plan of Study listing the specific coursework for each semester and how it will meet HDS degree requirements.
The completed plan must be submitted at the beginning of the first semester of enrollment in both degree programs.

The program plan is reviewed and approved by the student’s academic advisor and forwarded to the Committee on Academic Programs and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for review and preliminary approval of advanced standing. Once it has been approved, a copy is kept in the student’s file.

Students are responsible for informing the Registrar’s Office of any changes in their plan.

Questions regarding applications to the second degree program should be directed to the admissions office of the respective school.