Academic Technology Services

We support a variety of tools designed to enhance pedagogical objectives and enliven student participation. IT and Media Services staff collaborate directly with faculty, teaching fellows, faculty assistants, and students to implement the most effective technologies on your website, with the ultimate goals of maximizing student engagement and fostering ongoing learning.

To learn more about available tools and resources to teach remotely, visit HDS Online Learning.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation to discover more, please email the HDS academic technology team at

Canvas course website support for faculty, teaching staff, and students

A Canvas course website is provided for every course offered at HDS. Here are some examples of what can be achieved with your course website:

  • Post syllabi, assignments, readings, handouts, links and other resources
  • Use modules and assignment tools to organize teaching materials
  • Allow students to turn in papers digitally and teaching staff to grade them online
  • Facilitate communication between students, faculty, and teaching staff

HDS Academic Technology Consultants offer one-on-one Canvas tutorials; email to make an appointment.

The Office of IT and Media Services provides website support for all courses offered by HDS. Cross-listed FAS course offerings are typically supported by the FAS Academic Technology Group.

Academic Technology Consultant program

Academic Technology Consultants (ATCs) are graduate students with competencies in Canvas, media and A/V services, classroom technologies, and commonly used applications. We welcome requests from faculty, faculty assistants, and teaching fellows for course-related technology projects including consulting, digitization, web development, assessment tools, and course website administration for HDS courses.

In addition to these services, our ATC team provides technology training and education to faculty, faculty assistants, teaching fellows, and students. Our Academic Technology Consultants can work with you to identify your teaching challenges and then offer tools, technologies, and methodologies to overcome those challenges.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation to discover more, please email the HDS academic technology team at

Content development support for wikis and surveys

In addition to supporting Canvas, we provide training and support for the following tools:

  • Confluence Wikis: Create rich sites collaboratively with Confluence Wikis.
  • Qualtrics Surveys: From a class survey to randomized online quizzes, Qualtrics surveys can add richness to course assessments.

For more information about affiliated services, please see: