Yang Visiting Scholars in World Christianity

The finalists for 2021-22 have been selected:

HDS is pleased to welcome Dr. Chandra Mallampalli and Dr. Adesina Oluwakemi as Inaugural Yang Visiting Scholars in World Christianity!

Please note that we are currently not accepting applications. The next round of applications will commence on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, and the application deadline for the academic year 2022-23 will be Friday, February 18, 2022.

Harvard Divinity School has a new opportunity to select candidates for full-time positions as Yang Visiting Scholars in World Christianity. We anticipate having two or three scholars in 2022-23. The Yang Visiting Scholars will contribute to research and teaching about Christianity as a worldwide religion.


Each visiting scholar teaches one course (either in the fall or in the spring semester) and presents their research in a public lecture. Yang Visiting Scholars are required to be in full-time residence at Harvard Divinity School while carrying out their proposed research projects during the academic year.

Any publication and/or research resulting from the stay at Harvard Divinity School must be credited to the Yang Visiting Scholars Program in World Christianity at Harvard Divinity School.


Positions are open to early career and senior scholars with doctorates in the fields of religion and to those with primary competence in other humanities, social science, and public policy fields who demonstrate a serious interest in world Christianity and hold appropriate degrees in those fields. Selection criteria emphasize the quality of the applicant's research prospectus, outlining objectives, methods, and publication plans, the expansion of expertise offered through HDS courses, and the significance of the contribution of the proposed research to the study of world Christianity. Applicants for the 2022–23 academic year must have received the PhD by January 31, 2021. Applications from those whose degrees have not yet been awarded will not be considered.


The appointment will come with compensation commensurate with experience. Salary, as well as some research and travel funds will be provided. 

Housing possibilities: Harvard University Housing.

Please note that the Office for Academic Affairs is unable to assist with housing and other lodging requests.

Additional Information

The appointment entitles the visiting scholar to a Harvard University ID card (which allows access to the Harvard University Libraries) for the duration of the appointment. Visiting scholars are cordially invited to attend all HDS community and public events. However, HDS is unable to offer courtesy library cards, or appointments, for any additional members of a scholar's family.

A visiting scholar is considered an independent researcher and may not register for and take classes for credit. For information on how to audit classes (not for credit) at HDS, please consult the instructions on auditing.

This is a full-academic year appointment beginning August 1, 2022, and ending May 31, 2023. The extension of an appointment is unfortunately not possible.

The deadline for Yang Visiting Scholar applications is February 18, 2022, for appointments commencing the following academic year. Scholars will be informed in mid-March 2022 about their acceptance and will receive an appointment letter.

How to apply

Please only apply through the ARIES website (link will be available in January 2022). No hardcopy/regular mail or email applications will be accepted.

Your completed application through the Harvard portal must contain the following:

  1. A title and a description of your proposed research project, not to exceed 1,250 words;
  2. The title and description of a course on world Christianity related to your project, not to exceed one page;
  3. A description of your background in studies of Christianity, not to exceed 750 words;
  4. Curriculum vitae, not to exceed 10 pages;
  5. Writing sample, either a chapter or article, in electronic format (only a few pages, please).
  6. Two letters of recommendation are also required.
  7. All materials are only accepted between January 18 and February 18, 2022, through the online portal. 

For further questions, and/or inquiries, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs.