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Cornell William Brooks

Election 2020: What Next?

November 12, 2020
"When it comes to social justice, it's not enough to have sincerity of complaint; we must have a substantive knowledge of that which we seek and the means by which we seek it. We must have specificity, particularity and moral clarity in terms of our lens. So we have to seek justice, like this widow, with persistence, with diligence, with an unrelenting spirit," says Visiting Professor Cornell William Brooks.
Ministry of Healing

Ministry of Healing

November 9, 2020

White-Hammond provides care to the sick—and addresses the injustice that makes them ill

Gloria White-Hammond, MDiv ’97, is committed to healing and ministry—often in the most difficult situations.... Read more about Ministry of Healing

Teren Sevea

A Student of Miracles

November 9, 2020

Sevea studies the role of spirit mediums in the South and Southeast Asian Islamic world

Teren Sevea grew up in a “universe of miracle workers.” They were in shrines, in cemeteries, in homes, and coffee shops, and, of course, on the streets of Southeast Asian cities in which he spent most of his life. He can’t remember the first time he saw a miracle worker, but he does recall vividly the powerful mix of emotions these figures conjured up in him.... Read more about A Student of Miracles

Petitioners are sworn in as new citizens during a naturalization ceremony at the National Archives in 2014.

The Canopy

November 9, 2020

Under the auspices of RPL, programs come together to promote a just world at peace

Yaseen Hashmi, MTS ’21, didn’t expect an epiphany when he joined students from HDS and six of Harvard’s other graduate schools for a January-term course in Israel and Palestine, but that’s what he got.... Read more about The Canopy

Gregory Whitehead with his father John Whitehead

An Investment in Understanding

November 9, 2020

As U.S. deputy secretary of state from 1985 to 1989, the investor, diplomat, and philanthropist John Whitehead saw that religion was the thread that connected many of the diplomatic challenges he faced around the world. He believed deeply in the importance of the study of global religion and in Harvard Divinity School’s capacity to advance that work. To that end, Whitehead was one of the School’s most loyal supporters for more than a generation, serving on the HDS Dean’s Council and as honorary chair of its capital campaign.... Read more about An Investment in Understanding

Cornell William Brooks

Public Policy, Prophetic Vision

November 9, 2020

Brooks teaches students to bring sacred and secular together in service of social justice

When Cornell William Brooks saw the video of George Floyd, the African American man killed last May by a Minneapolis police officer, it immediately brought to mind another terrifying image: the photo of the disfigured corpse of Emmett Till, the 14-year-old African American lynched in Mississippi in 1955.... Read more about Public Policy, Prophetic Vision

Dean David N. Hempton

Hope for Renewal

November 9, 2020

I write at perhaps the most challenging moment of our lifetimes, as our society reels from global pandemic, economic collapse, and social unrest. We have all been affected. Many in the HDS community are on the front lines as activists, caregivers, and even policy makers. I want you to know that we at HDS are thinking of you. We are inspired by your efforts. We thank you for making a world of difference. 

In recent months, I have often reflected on my time as an undergraduate at Queen’s University, Belfast, in the early 1970s, the first—and some of the worst—years of the “...

Read more about Hope for Renewal
Melissa Wood Bartholomew

On the Path of Love and Justice

November 9, 2020

Melissa Bartholomew fosters diversity, inclusion, and belonging at HDS

Melissa Wood Bartholomew, MDiv ’15, has been here before—the horrifying event, the protests, the renewed pledges, soon forgotten, to combat racism. While she has concerns about whether the current movement for racial justice will be sustained, she says this time feels different. ... Read more about On the Path of Love and Justice

Pope Pius XII gives a blessing at the end of a radio message, September 1, 1943. (CNS photo)

Neither Demonic nor Heroic

November 9, 2020
HDS Professor Kevin Madigan writes about the latest archival findings at the Vatican on Pius XII and the Jews.
Kevin Cranston, MDiv '86, is assistant commissioner for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health

There Is No 'Other' Here

November 9, 2020

Kevin Cranston and the truth of pandemics

Kevin Cranston, MDiv ’86, learned early on that viruses tell the truth. As a gay man coming of age during the AIDS pandemic of the 1980s, he saw the ways that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) crossed national and geographic boundaries to reveal the underlying disparities in U.S. society. The populations that suffered most during the health crisis were also the most vulnerable—the poor, people of color, addicts, and gay and bisexual men like him. In a word, the marginalized “other.”... Read more about There Is No 'Other' Here

Giovanni Bazzana is Professor of New Testament at HDS.

Apocalypse Now

November 9, 2020

Bazzana uncovers the truth about the book of Revelation in early Christianity—and today

Coronavirus. Unemployment. Social unrest. People often describe the times we’re living in as “apocalyptic,” but Giovanni Bazzana wouldn’t necessarily agree.... Read more about Apocalypse Now

Cornell William Brooks

An Electorate That Wanted to Be Heard

November 5, 2020
"At this moment, the country stands divided by class fissures and racial fault lines in the middle of a pandemic, and nevertheless nearly 100 million people cast ballots in the midst of 9 million coronavirus cases and 230,000 coronavirus fatalities. This is a testament to the intestinal fortitude of people all across the country," said Cornell William Brooks, Visiting Professor of the Practice of Prophetic Religion and Public Leadership at HDS.
Then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stands during a service at the International Church of Las Vegas in Las Vegas on Oct. 30, 2016.

White Evangelical Support for Trump Goes beyond His Policies, Supporters and Historians Say

November 2, 2020
"I think 'Make America Great Again' is broader than just an evangelical attitude. But it is, in many ways, tailor-made for them—they hear that and they absolutely hear, 'We need to make America Christian, the way it used to be when it was run by White conservative Christians,'" says Lauren Kerby, Religious Literacy Specialist for Religion and Public Life at Harvard Divinity School.
Bishop Derrick Reeves outside End Times Apostolic Church in Columbus, Ohio.

Why This Columbus Church's Name Invokes the End of the World

October 29, 2020
"The book (of Revelation) is full of references to plagues and natural catastrophes, earthquakes, floods. It's very easy to connect things one finds in the Bible with things that are happening today," said Professor Giovanni Bazzana.
Professor Mark Jordan

Recalling the ‘Brave Spaces’ for LGBTQ+ History Month

October 27, 2020

Believing that a month should be dedicated to the celebration and teaching of gay and lesbian history, Rodney Wilson, a Missouri high school teacher, gathered other educators and community leaders to discuss the issue in 1994. The group selected October as LGBTQ+ History Month because public schools are in session and traditions, including Coming Out Day, occur that month.... Read more about Recalling the ‘Brave Spaces’ for LGBTQ+ History Month

Professor Mayra Rivera. Photo: Courtesy Mayra Rivera

Harvard Portrait: Mayra Rivera

October 26, 2020
“Growing up, I always loved literature and the philosophical questions it asked about the world. Religion was the other discourse that I knew was interested in those questions,” said Mayra Rivera, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Religion and Latinx Studies at HDS.
Professor Catherine Brekus

Harvard Professors Discuss Role of Religion in the 2020 Election at Divinity School Lecture

October 23, 2020
"Trump's greatest effect on religion has been to privilege the voices of white evangelicals, who have supported him in huge numbers because of their hope that he will restore something that they feel has been lost—namely, the white, Protestant identity of the United States. In contrast, both Jim Kloppenberg and E.J. Dionne noted that religious pluralism has strengthened American democracy," said HDS Professor Catherine Brekus.
Pope Francis at the Vatican

Pope May Support Same-Sex Unions, but That Doesn’t Mean the Vatican Does

October 23, 2020
"People who are against any compromise in this direction will see this as another sign that Francis has gone astray, that he is not adhering to church teaching. And they will add this to their list of complaints about him," says HDS Parkman Professor of Divinity Francis X. Clooney, S.J.
Amber Scorah

Humans of HDS: Exiting a Religion and Finding a Life

October 20, 2020

“I no longer feel zealous for a religion, but rather for the beautiful treasure that this life is, and the incredible fact that any of us are here. I am just trying to use this life in the most meaningful way I can, not just to create meaning for myself, but also for others.”—Amber Scorah, MTS '22


Professor Matthew Potts

Whose Image is This?

October 20, 2020
"As I’ve listened to our leaders and those who would become our leaders answers difficult questions of their own these last several weeks, I’ve been led to wonder: Do we fare any better than these Herodians and Pharisees? They are easy to accuse, but can we be as easily absolved?" says Professor Matthew Potts.
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