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Barakat Bundle

Bundles of Hope

August 26, 2015

As someone who recently earned her master of theological studies degree, Mitul Daiyan never pictured herself playing a role in launching a social venture start-up, but the HDS graduate is doing exactly that.

Engaging Pluralism Theologically in Melbourne

Engaging Pluralism Theologically in Melbourne

August 21, 2015

Professor Frank Clooney, the CSWR director, writes about nearing the end of a month-long visit to Melbourne and the Australian Catholic University, where he once again was a visiting research scholar and a kind of academic consultant in the Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry.

Ahmed Ragab

Audio: Islamic Hospitals in Medieval Egypt and the Levant

July 26, 2015

From Baghdad to Cairo to Edirne, hospitals were major and integral components of medieval and early modern Islamic cities. But what role did they play in these cities and their societies? In this podcast, Professor Ahmed Ragab examines the history and significance of hospitals in Mamluk Egypt and Syria.