Faculty & Research

The women and men who make up Harvard University's Faculty of Divinity are among the most distinguished scholars of religion and practitioners of ministry in the world. Experts in a range of disciplines and religious traditions, all are dedicated to vital, creative research.

And all are also dedicated to being memorable teachers and advisers, thereby sharing and enhancing their scholarship. In addition to this core group of close to 50 full-time faculty who teach at HDS, students have the distinct advantage of being able to study with notable visiting faculty each year, as well as with those who are members of Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences or the University's other graduate and professional Schools.

Among the visiting faculty at HDS each year are the Women's Studies in Religion Program Research Associates, whose research relates to the fields of religion and gender. During their time at HDS, the WSRP Research Associates work on book projects, teach, and present public lectures. The Center for the Study of World Religions, which for half a century has guided the study of the world's major religious and spiritual traditions at Harvard, provides a place for interdisciplinary, international, and interreligious exchange, learning, and research.

HDS faculty direct or take part each year in a variety of research projects and initiatives, conferences and seminars, and scholarly publications. Harvard Theological Review, one of the oldest scholarly theological journals in the United States, has provided a forum for scholars of religion and theology for more than one hundred years. Faculty-directed Initiatives such as the Religious Literacy Project or the Business across Religious Traditions seminars address contemporary issues while fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration and the sharing of ideas and new ways of thinking.