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In addition to its degree programs, Harvard Divinity School offers a selection of short seminars and online sessions exploring some of the world’s biggest questions with leading HDS scholars and professors of religion.

Currently Available

Religious Resources for Living Beyond Crisis

The disruption and suffering caused by the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be challenging and even overwhelming for some of us. How might we attend to its impact on our lives while also anticipating what life will be like “after the crisis”? In this mind and spirit, we invite you to join us Sunday, June 6, through Thursday, June 10, for a virtual (via Zoom) program workshop at Harvard Divinity School on “Religious Resources for Living Beyond Crisis: Remembering, Bearing Witness, Restoring, Innovating, and Changing.”

Information Session

In a virtual information session held on April 20, faculty director Charlie Hallisey walked through the program’s themes and Laura Tuach explained the purpose and goals of the Meaning Making sessions. Watch the video below!