The Peter J. Gomes, STB ’68 Distinguished Alumni Honors

The Alumni/Alumnae Council annually honor distinguished HDS alumni whose excellence in life, work, and service pays homage to the mission and values of Harvard Divinity School and Peter J. Gomes, STB ’68 through the Gomes Honors Awards. In past years the Alumni/Alumnae Council has selected a theme which helps focus the Council's work and guides the selection process for the annual Gomes Honorees. The emergent complex needs of today are larger than any one theme. Any theme chosen in advance would be rapidly overshadowed by the demands of a collective pandemic response and painfully slow transformation of racial, social, economic, and climate justice. While yearly themes clarify and focus selection of Gomes Honorees, the themes also exclude or obscure HDS alumni who have committed to transformational work that falls in the blind spots created by a theme. This year, our theme of "no theme" invites you to nominate exemplary HDS alumni who show profound courage and compassion in their personal and/or professional lives, and dedication to constancy of service in our volatile world. 

Nominations for 2021 Gomes Honors are now closed. We look forward to celebrating this year’s honorees with you during our spring program.

See the list of past honorees.