Peter J. Gomes STB ’68 Memorial Honors

2019 Gomes Honorees

The Alumni/Alumnae Council (AAC) seeks to honor distinguished HDS alumni whose excellence in life, work, and service pays homage to the mission and values of Harvard Divinity School, and Peter J. Gomes, STB ’68.  

Following this year’s AAC theme of “spiritual innovation,” the Council seeks to honor alumni/ae whose innovative efforts have reimagined spiritual practice in ways that are particularly powerful or life-giving. This may include, for instance:

  • alumni/ae who have envisioned a new religious practice or the boundaries of community so as to poignantly respond to our contemporary times
  • alumni/ae who have embraced new artistic or technological modalities for spiritual practice or the study of religion that bridge, impact, challenge, and inspire
  • alumni/ae who have reinvigorated physical, virtual, or conceptual spaces for religious, spiritual, and human engagement
  • alumni/ae who have embraced and modeled a spirit of pluralism

Nominees from all fields and sectors will be considered, including, but not limited to, visual and performing arts, sciences, business, law, public and civic service, religious and lay leadership, academia, and more.

The 2019 Gomes Honorees have been selected. Alumni may request a seat for the on-campus ceremony on May 2. Please contact if you have questions.