Morning Prayers

Dean David Hempton

In his recent Morning Prayers talk at Memorial Church, Dean David N. Hempton urged members of the Harvard community to settle in gently, be safe, and take care of physical and mental health.

Admission Application

The HDS online application for admission in fall 2022 is now live! Interested in learning more about life at HDS? Looking for advice on the admissions process? Curious to see if HDS might be the right fit for you? Learn more about our degree programs and receive tips from our admissions team.


Coronavirus Updates

HDS faculty, students, and staff have returned to campus for the fall term to the extent allowed by the evolving public health situation. Visit the HDS Coronavirus Updates page for more information.

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Featured Video

Islam in Africa

The Harvard Islam in Africa Initiative hosted its fifth annual conference, which included a virtual closing Three Umars Concert. Three Umars Concert featured Tijani Ben Omar, Oumar Niane, and Pape Oumar Niang. The concert was preceded by an introduction to Madiḥ poetry in West Africa by Oludamini Ogunnaike, University of Virginia. 

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Student Spotlight

George Vicente

Humans of HDS

"I went to my cell, got on my knees, and made the decision to give my life to Jesus Christ. I said to him, ‘this day forward, I’m going to follow you.’ And I did. Before that moment, I gambled in the prison, and I drank alcohol. But after, I cut off everything. It was like night and day," says George Vicente, MDiv '24.


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