Swartz Hall Renovation

The delicate and detailed job of reviving the stained glass windows in Swartz Hall involved techniques that were used to create the windows 100 years ago. This update details the process to replicate these unique windows as part of the renewal of our main campus building. 

Featured Upcoming Event

Ann Cyphers

The spring 2021 lecture of the Eduardo Matos Moctezuma Lecture Series will be delivered by Ann Cyphers, an archaeologist and senior researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Cyphers will discuss recent investigations that shed new light on the dawn of Olmec civilization almost 4,000 years ago. Register online for the April 21 event.

Coronavirus Updates

Spring campus

On March 16, 2021, it was announced that, as of now, the School plans to have faculty, staff, and students return to campus for the fall term, to the extent allowed by the evolving public health situation. Our aim is to begin the fall term with as much in-person learning as possible.

On February 26, Harvard President Bacow announced that the University has decided that commencement ceremonies for May 27, 2021, will once again be online. HDS will participate in Harvard’s online ceremonies and hold our own ceremonies and diploma awarding online as well. Visit the HDS Coronavirus Updates page for more information.


Humans of HDS

Keona Wynne

Keona Wynne, PhD candidate, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

"Taking the HDS course "Change, Adversity and Spiritual Resilience" opened my eyes to the extent of the spiritual crisis that people are walking through whenever they are undergoing change, whether positive or negative. And sometimes, this does require spiritual counseling and support."

Humans of HDS

Faculty Spotlight

The Mexican Angels in the Attic

In a new essay, Davíd Carrasco, Neil L. Rudenstine Professor of the Study of Latin America, tells the story of his personal and academic encounters with religion and spirituality.

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