Divinity Dialogues

Following the award ceremony on May 2 for the Peter J. Gomes STB '68 Memorial Honors, the alumni honorees spoke on the topic of "spiritual innovation."

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Humans of HDS

"What happens in daily life and what I really care about is not the difference between ultimate truths and relative truths. I gradually realized that I really didn’t care about that. I care about what really happens in life, and what other people care about. They care about very solid, specific questions—like survival and how to be happy."—Chuqiu Peng, MTS ’19, who will graduate this May with an MTS degree


Commencement is just around the corner! Here you'll find info on HDS-related activities, including the Multireligious Commencement Service on May 29 and the Diploma Awarding Ceremony on May 30.


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The Kingdom of Holy Women

Damaris S. Parsitau, 2018-19 Women's Studies in Religion Program Visiting Associate Professor, delivers the lecture “The Kingdom of Holy Women: Pentecostalism, Sex and Women’s Bodies in an African Church.”

MDiv candidate Jade Sylvan

Preaching Competition

MDiv candidate Jade Sylvan won the 2019 Billings Preaching Prize Competition with their sermon on interrupting the flow of hate.

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Professor Anne Monius

Faculty Insight

“We tend to think of the practices of academic life ... as only disciplines of the mind, and in fact ... they’re formative of who you are as a person,” says Professor Anne Monius.

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Nainoa Thompson

Language of Earth

At HDS, Nainoa Thompson, President of the Polynesian Voyaging Society and a Pwo navigator, spoke on how the ecological is also deeply personal—and linked to his heritage.

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