Graduate Profile: Jonathan Ji, MTS '22

May 16, 2022
Jonathan Ji, MTS '22
Jonathan Ji, MTS '22, courtesy photo

HDS communications reached out to our 2022 graduating students to hear from them in their own words about their experiences at HDS, the people who've helped and inspired them along their grad school journeys, and their plans for the future.

Favorite Class or Professor

I am grateful for the chance to have researched with Professor Mark Jordan, who has been my favorite religious scholar even before coming to HDS. Professor Mark Jordan has taught me to think critically about the world, urged me to pursue my academic and non-academic interests, and inspired me to search for my own individual truths.

Message of Thanks 

I would like to thank my family who has supported and prayed for me over the past three years as I completed two graduate degrees. Additionally, I am forever grateful to my best friends Irene, Ashley, Nils, Alyssa, Eliza, Jacob B.; my roommates Jacob A., Jordan, Aliya, Erica; my HDS community Annabel, Mona, Kyle; and my trainer Marina for believing in me.

Future Plans

During the past semester, I have been fortunate enough to have worked full-time at a tech start-up that focuses on agriculture and climate software, and AI. I am excited to continue working at the company and continue to pursue a career in tech.

Additionally, I plan to move to the Bay Area to be closer to my friends and family. With my newfound free time, I am excited to spend more time gyming, boxing, skateboarding, caring for my house plants, and eating good foods.