A sixteenth-century illustration of the Ramban Synagogue in Jerusalem. ART Collection / Alamy Stock Photo

The Contrast Between the Bible's Idea of History and the Modern Idea

August 15, 2018
Given its practical goal, its theological purposes, and its lack of accountability to external data of the sort in which archaeologists trade, biblical historiography has a malleability that many modern readers find difficult to approve, writes Professor Jon Levenson.
Pope Francis

The Catholic Church, Pope Francis, and the Penalty of Death

August 2, 2018

On August 2, the Vatican announced a change in the Catechism of the Catholic Church’s teaching on the death penalty. The new teaching rejects the notion that capital punishment is legitimate in some cases, declaring that “‘the death penalty is inadmissible because it is an attack on the inviolability and dignity of the person,’ and [the Church] works with determination for its abolition worldwide.”... Read more about The Catholic Church, Pope Francis, and the Penalty of Death

Juliana Cohen

Humans of HDS: Revelation and Awakening

August 2, 2018
“A few months after my daughter was born, we moved to Colombia. My plan was to work part time, to take advantage of having my family around to help out with my daughter. But rather than working for pay, I ended up doing volunteer work. That year in Colombia informed and shaped the experience I would eventually have at HDS.”—Juliana Cohen, MDiv ’19... Read more about Humans of HDS: Revelation and Awakening
Prospect High School student Colleen Standford

Religious Education Through New Eyes

July 30, 2018

Prospect High School social studies teacher John Camardella is wading into the intellectual unknown, all for the benefit of his students. The Illinois native and veteran educator recently threw out the playbook and, with the help of HDS's Religious Literacy project, completely redesigned the curriculum of his world religions elective.

Chris Alburger, MDiv '15

Meet The Trans Chaplain Helping LGBTQ Elders Feel Welcome in Senior Care

July 16, 2018
Chris Alburger, MDiv '15, may very well be the first chaplain in America hired specifically for LGBTQ senior care. He is definitely the first-ever LGBTQ Chaplain Resident at Hebrew SeniorLife. Chris discusses his job, the impact he’s had on residents, and his advice for LGBTQ seniors making the move to assisted living.