Photo by Bryan Ye-Chung

An Instagram-Worthy Bible Aimed at Millennials

March 18, 2019
“You’d walk into any cathedral or church and the whole idea was to capture the meaning of the Gospel and the Bible visually with stained-glass windows and frescoes, all kinds of paintings and just a lot of visual material,” says Professor Harvey Cox.
Sign for Simple Church. Photo: WBUR

Pray and Wash: Finding Church in Unexpected Places

March 11, 2019
HDS Ministry Innovation Fellow Casper ter Kuile discusses how more and more, gathering for church no longer means coming together for Sunday morning worship with hymns and preaching under a steeple.
MDiv candidate Shane Snowdon

Didn't See That Coming

March 6, 2019

MDiv candidate Shane Snowdon recounts her shattering experience of hitting and killing an 18-year-old on a California highway. The incident has led her to devote her time to developing a “crash ministry” that includes trying to foster reconciliation, as possible, between drivers and the loved ones of those who have died.

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2019 Gomes Honors Emphasize Spiritual Innovation

March 5, 2019

In 1815, the Reverend William Ellery Channing laid out a vision for the graduates of the institution that would become Harvard Divinity School. In a fundraising circular written over the signature of Harvard President John T. Kirkland, Channing wrote that the new school’s alumni would be not only religious leaders who “speak to the conscience and heart with power,” but also scholars who “address our understandings with clearness” and “throw light over the obscurities of the sacred volume.” ... Read more about 2019 Gomes Honors Emphasize Spiritual Innovation

Karen King

Untold Stories of Christianity

February 25, 2019

Even for the devout, questions about the earliest history of Christianity can seem lost behind a shroud of history and official church teachings. Professor Karen King traces the power of stories told and untold in the growth of the early church.