Cornel West

Shining a Light on America’s ‘Spiritual Blackout’

December 4, 2017

Cornel West's  course, “American Democracy,” co-taught with Harvard Law School professor Roberto Unger, addressed the rise of inequality and nationalism in the United States through the lenses of class, race, and identity, and suggested ways to work for institutional change. In this interview, he shares his thoughts about the “escalating spiritual  blackout” in  American politics, what can be done to counteract it, and the role that Harvard Divinity School can play.
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Karim Hutson

The Spirit of Capitalism

November 30, 2017

For 200 years, HDS graduates have carried an ethic of scholarship and service into their work for religious institutions, nonprofits, schools and universities, and governments around the world. But what about business? Do HDS alumni have an impact in the private sector? The answer today is a resounding “Yes.”... Read more about The Spirit of Capitalism

Mark Jordan

Audio: Thinking Sex at Harvard

February 2, 2017

Harvard Divinity School professors have long taught ethics in the Yard. Beginning early in the 1880s, as HDS pioneered the analysis of "social problems" using the case method, Francis Peabody taught an undergraduate course on urban ills. Students called it "drainage, drunkenness, and divorce."... Read more about Audio: Thinking Sex at Harvard