David C. Lamberth

David C. Lamberth

Professor of Philosophy and Theology
David C. Lamberth


  • BA, University of North Carolina
  • AM, PhD, Harvard University


David Lamberth is Professor of Philosophy and Theology in the Faculty of Divinity, where he teaches a range of courses in Western theology and philosophy of religion that emphasize modern liberal thought and probe the interconnections between theological and philosophical reflection in American and continental thought. He joined the faculty in 1997 as an assistant professor after spending two years at Florida State University, and he served a three-year term as associate dean for academic affairs at HDS from 2000 to 2003.

His 1999 William James and the Metaphysics of Experience exhibits his interest in the revival of pragmatism and demonstrates the inherent engagement with religion in James's philosophical system, as well as James's pluralism. He is currently preparing two books: "Religion: A Pragmatic Approach," which analyzes both historical and contemporary treatments of religion in the pragmatic tradition; and the volume on William James for the Routledge Philosophers series.

Other research interests include religious experience, and the construction of the field of the philosophy of religion in modernity. During 2010-11 he chaired Harvard's university-wide library reform effort for the Office of the Provost.

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