Melissa Wood Bartholomew

Melissa Wood Bartholomew

Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging
Instructor in Ministry


  • BA, Howard University
  • JD, Howard University
  • MDiv, Harvard Divinity School
  • MSW, Boston College


Melissa Wood Bartholomew is a racial justice and healing practitioner. She is a Christian minister and facilitates workshops utilizing her framework, Healers of the Wound: Healing Racism from the Inside Out. Her ministry approach and her teaching approach are multidisciplinary and are rooted in her experiences in law, mediation, and social work. Her primary imperative is to equip ministers with the capacity to minister to people from diverse backgrounds and to address the implications of various forms of systemic oppression in ministry.

Melissa also served as the HDS Racial Justice Fellow for the 2018–19 and 2019–20 academic years. She cultivated her healing justice ministry while a student at HDS and co-founded the HDS Racial Justice & Healing Initiative student group. She is currently a PhD student in social work at Boston College. Her research interests include the impact of racism, incarceration, and other systems of oppression on the mental health of African Africans, and the role of spirituality in their resilience. For more information, please see her website,

Contact Information

Divinity 406B
p: 617.998.2404


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