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  • A Distinctive Approach. Exploring all religions, while aligned with none, makes HDS different from most religious study institutions. Learn more
  • A Rewarding Career. HDS Career Services helps students and graduates develop careers in fields as diverse as our student body.
  • Rich Resources. All the rich resources of Harvard University are available to HDS students and faculty.

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Faith in Social Justice

In a Q&A, HDS professor Dan McKanan discusses how religiously unaffiliated millennials can partner with religious institutions and organizations in working for economic justice. Read more

Centers & Programs

The Center for the Study of World Religions has guided the study of the world's major religious and spiritual traditions at Harvard, especially at HDS, since 1960. 

The Women's Studies in Religion Program explores the fundamental role played by religious traditions in defining the lives of women and men. 

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Research & Publications

Harvesting Souls

Harvesting Souls
Black Pentecostal women's altar work is physical and spiritual labor that yields individual and communal rewards. Read more

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