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Students at Convocation

Our 2017 Graduate Admissions Application is now available to apply for the Master of Divinity, Master of Theological Studies, Master of Theology, and Special Student programs. Apply by January 17, 2017.

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Humans of HDS

Nick Zehner

“Before, I focused on how religion divided people, how it oppressed people, how it created otherness. Here at HDS, we’re not a glossing over differences, but I think there’s more of a focus on how religion can really enrich peoples’ lives.”—Nick Zehner, MDiv '16

Meet the Humans of HDS


Diversity is an important value and a growing reality at HDS: greater diversity among students and faculty and a broad, expansive curriculum.

Faculty and Research

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People, Plants, and Purity

Rosalyn LaPier, a Women's Studies in Religion Program research associate, recently delivered the talk, "People, Plants, and Purity: Blackfeet Women of the O’kan." LaPier's WSRP research project explores the concept of purity in historic Blackfeet society.

The Karmapa

Faces of Divinity

A special exhibit for HDS’s bicentennial year, “Faces of Divinity: Envisioning Inclusion for 200 Years,” tells the story of the School since its founding in 1816.

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Bible illustration

The Torah and Philosophy

Professor Jon Levenson writes on the great rewards and grave dangers that come from a philosophical investigation of the Torah.

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HDS students

Students Reflect on Applying

Students offer reflections and advice on the HDS application process. The Graduate Admissions Application is due January 17.

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