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Humans of HDS

Kristen Lovett

"One of the things that HDS allowed me to do more courageously is to recognize that binaries leave far too many people out of the collective framework. Binaries often create siloes, isolation, and violence, which have the power to remove individuals, families, communities, and segments of populations from having a seat at the table. This is not only harmful to those who are removed, but for those who remain at the table.”—Kristen Lovett, MTS ‘16.

Meet the Humans of HDS


Diversity is an important value and a growing reality at HDS: greater diversity among students and faculty and a broad, expansive curriculum.

Faculty and Research

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Women as Catalysts for Peace

Leymah Gbowee, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 for her work to help end the Liberian civil war, spoke at HDS about how one can help bring about peace, the challenges to peacebuilding, and how her Nobel award has changed her life.

Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza

Faces of Divinity

A special exhibit for HDS’s bicentennial year, “Faces of Divinity: Envisioning Inclusion for 200 Years,” tells the story of the School since its founding in 1816.

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Laura Nasrallah

Casting Out Fear

Professor Laura Nasrallah speaks of the work that can and should be done to cast out fear and work toward a perfected love.

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Alfredo Garcia

From Mexico to HDS

Undocumented student Alfredo Garcia discusses his journey and the summer labor that feeds his drive.

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