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How Do We Think About Religion?

Muslim childrenThe HDS Religious Literacy Project provides educational opportunities and resources for how to recognize, understand, and analyze religious influences in contemporary life.

Gomes Honors

Following the award ceremony for the Peter J. Gomes STB '68 Memorial Honors, the alumni honorees formed a panel of speakers for the final installment of this year's Divinity Dialogues.

Faculty Insight

Professor Laura NasrallahProfessor Laura Nasrallah raises some poignant questions about the interwining of faith communities and scholarshipRead more>

The Campaign for HDS

Rick SantosEducating humane, informed, ethical leaders who illuminate, engage, and serve>

Student Voices

MTS candidate Tajay Bongsa"Here at HDS we tend to talk about social progress, social justice, and at the Business School it’s more about economic progress. I feel like we need to bring them together," says student Tajay Bongsa. Read more>

Hindu View of Life

Vasudha Narayanan / Photo: The Chautauquan DailyProfessor Vasudha Narayanan of the University of Florida delivered the first Hindu View of Life Annual Lecture at the Center for the Study of World Religions.

Humans of HDS

HDS student Sana SaeedHDS student Sana Saeed has lived in England, the U.S., Pakistan, and Japan, where she centered her research on peacebuilding and religious freedom. She is passionate about community organizing and working with youth. Read more>

The HDS Difference

Exploring all ReligionsExploring all religions, while aligned with none. Learn more>

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