Student Organizations

Student organizations provide opportunities for involvement, leadership, programming, social connections, and experiential learning that are crucial to the educational mission of the Divinity School.

The Office of Student Life supports student organizations at HDS. HDS student organizations reflect the diversity of student needs and interests. Resources are given to those students with new ideas who would like to establish new groups, as well as to the further growth and development of existing groups. All student organizations register with the Office of Student Life on an annual basis. Once an organization is recognized, it is eligible for financial support from the HDS Student Association. Current HDS students can find the paperwork to register a new organization on the Student Organizations & Resources page of my.hds.

HDS student organizations

Following is a list of student organizations currently registered for the 2016–17 academic year. While many organizations carry on from year to year, many new organizations form and others subside. As a courtesy to our student organization leaders, we maintain a policy of not publicizing or distributing their contact information, but all are happy to receive inquiries about their involvement here at HDS.

Registered student organizations wishing to create programming at HDS can use the Online Student Event Planning and Request Form found on the Student Organizations & Resources page of my.hds, to request program needs: funding, meeting space, A/V support, and so on.

To be put in contact with the officers of a particular student organization, please email the Office of Student Life.

HDS Anglican/Episcopal Fellowship

The goal of the Anglican/Episcopal Fellowship is to support HDS Anglican students, faculty, staff, and any others who wish to join with a center of worship, spiritual reflection, theological growth, and personal support.

HDS Foreign Language Study Association

The purpose of the Harvard Divinity School Historic Conservation Alliance is to prepare graduate students interested in history and conservation for careers post-HDS. HCA will provide opportunities for members to engage in preservation activities in the Boston area and across the country, while also providing sessions including lectures, student presentations on interested topics, career enhancement seminars, and social events.

HDS Better Together

Harvard University’s students represent a diversity of religious and secular perspectives from across the country and around the world. HDS Better Together: Students for Interfaith Action seeks to build pluralism and cooperation across this diverse student body through interfaith action initiatives. This organization will promote the spirit of one Harvard and collaborate on opportunities for interfaith action through co-organizing and cross-publicity. This joint effort will benefit the wider University community by making interfaith action accessible to a greater and more diverse number of participants from all fields and backgrounds.

HDS Buddhist Community

The HDS Buddhist Community (HBC) is a nondenominational Buddhist group serving the Harvard and Cambridge communities, supporting engagement with Buddhist traditions through spiritual practice as well as academic study. We host weekly meditation gatherings, social functions, and other Buddhism-related events throughout the school year.

HDS Creative Commons

HDS Creative Commons is a low-key student group focused on crafting of all kinds as a means to foster community connections, individual creativity, and teaching basic handicraft skills. Biweekly gatherings and some special events throughout the semester provide opportunities for folks to gather, share their projects, and learn new skills. Crochet, knitting, quilting, and embroidery are just a few of the crafts we know; bring yours to share!


HDS Catholic RENEWAL provides a space for advocacy of gender equality and progressive reform within the Catholic Church.

HDS Catholics

HDS Catholics seeks to provide spiritual support and fellowship for the Catholic community at HDS and share in the full depth and breadth of interreligious dialogue and interfaith work with all of our fellow religious student organizations.

The Dignity Project at HDS

To nurture ethical inter-human, organizational, and systemic relationships that honor the dignity of all persons by creating equity, fostering human rights, justice, and understanding light of pluriversality. This group will engage in relationship-building, educational dialogue, conflict resolution, research and knowledge production, action planning, and transnational coalition building in our work to end structural and systemic violence, create mutual respect, and foster interdependence and peace with difference.

DUCCS: Divinity United Church of Christ Student Group

This student denominational group meets to create community, develop and sustain relationships, build awareness and understanding, provide opportunities for worship and gathering, offer educational and vocational advocacy, and nurture a circle of connection and creativity for those who identify with the Disciples or United Church of Christ traditions or simply seek an open and welcoming group of students and peers.

Full Immersion: HDS Baptists

HDS Full Immersion is a group for individuals that identify as Baptist and/or would like to learn more about our incredibly diverse denomination. We gather together to worship and praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; to sharpen and strengthen one another; and to see to it that God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We gather together to proclaim our faith and to defend the right for all to practice as they see fit. All are welcome to join us as we go DEEPER!

HDS Garden Group

Expressing the Divinity School's commitment to sustainability, the HDS Garden Group grows organic vegetables and flowers for the community and serves as a space for quiet reflection, communal celebration, and hands to get dirty.

HDS Graduate Christian Fellowship

We are a graduate student-led Harvard Divinity School religious organization. In partnership with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship we aspire to create a safe space for Evangelical Christians and anyone who would like to join us for worship, bible study, and time of fellowship.

HDS Graduate Journal of Religion

The HDS Graduate Journal of Religion works to publish original scholarship from graduate students of religion, religious studies, theology, sociology of religion, anthropology of religion, and religious history.

Harambee at HDS

The mission of the Harambee at Harvard Divinity is to provide a support network for the Black community at Harvard and to provide cultural enrichment for the campus and the community at large. The organization's objectives are to provide cultural enlightenment for the Harvard Divinity community and greater Harvard community through various events reflecting the struggles, joys, and celebration of Black communities reflected in the diversity of blacks in the Harambee community. We also seek to enhance networking at Harvard and Boston through social activities and general body meetings.

HDS Hindu Studies Colloquium-Junior

Holds weekly meetings of HDS students who are interested in studying Sanskrit scriptures. It will give opportunity for members of this group to come together to read and share texts of common interest in a non-academic environment; socialize to de-stress; and receive spiritual guidance from Hindu Chaplain Swami Tyagananda, who leads the sessions.

HDS Historic Conservation Alliance

The purpose of the Harvard Divinity School Historic Conservation Alliance is to prepare graduate students interested in history and conservation for careers post-HDS. HCA will provide opportunities for members to engage in preservation activities in the Boston area and across the country, while also providing sessions including lectures, student presentations on interested topics, career enhancement seminars, and social events.

HDS Humanists

The purpose of this group is to provide humanists and other interested students at HDS/Harvard with a space to explore secular humanist values and build community.

HDS Jewish Student Association

The JSA provides Jewish students, as well as the wider HDS community, with events and programming centering on Jewish life, ritual, thought, and practice. We celebrate holidays together, do charitable work, and provide a sense of community for anyone interested in engaging in Jewish life. We’d love for you to join us!

HDS Korea Society

The HDS Korea Society seeks to provide educational support, networking, spiritual well-being, and a sense of community for Korean and Korean American students at HDS. It also aims to create space for discussing social issues related to Korean and Korean American ministry. In addition, it strives to enrich all HDS students' multicultural, social, and academic experiences. HDS-KS is open to, and welcomes, all HDS students, faculty, and staff who are interested in Korean culture and society.

HDS Latter-day Saint Student Association

The HDS Latter-day Saint Student Association provides resources and support to anyone interested in, or doing research about, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Activities included live viewings of the world wide General Conference of the Latter-day Saint Church in October and April as well as other film screenings and visits to worship services.

HDS Lutherans

HDS Lutherans seek to grow in understanding both the depth and breadth of Lutheran identity, and to creatively share such understanding with others while treasuring the plural nature of this place. We orient our time together around worship, community, and learning. All are welcome, and we delight in the presence of ecumenical and interfaith friends. We gather weekly for evening prayer, reflection, and conversation. About once a month we host a "Table Talk" at the Rock or at a local pub or restaurant, frequently featuring guests from the wider Lutheran community. We travel several times each year, notably to the "Lutherans in Diaspora" conference every February (with Yale, Union, and Princeton). We are grateful for the support of University Lutheran Church and Faith Lutheran Church, with whom we share excellent retreats, trips, and other social/educational programming.

HDS Methodists

The purpose of United Methodist Covenant Group is to gather in the Wesleyan tradition of weekly covenant group meetings, as well as providing support and fellowship through other activities.

Mokichi Okada Study Group at HDS

Our purpose is to study and learn from the life and teachings of Mokichi Okada (1882–1955), a twentieth-century Japanese philosopher and spiritual leader. The Mokichi Okada Study Group provides a forum to read and discuss Okada's teachings as well as put into practice various aspects of Okada's philosophy, including johrei, nature farming, and appreciation of beauty through nature and art. By incorporating Okada's teachings into our lives, we hope to contribute to the creation of a better world.

HDS Muslim Council

Harvard Divinity School's Muslim Council is a non-denominational association that extends a Muslim narrative to the broader Harvard community and greater Boston area. We sustain and strengthen Muslim life on campus through religious, social, cultural, and politically themed events and initiatives. We welcome all and our members are actively engaged in all facets of student life across HDS.

Nuestra Voz at HDS

Nuestra Voz is committed to fostering a welcoming space where all Latinx students can share their voices and engage with HDS, the Harvard community, and beyond.

Occulta Veritas at HDS

We are a member-curated occult “salon” celebrating the esoteric history of the world. We explore and discuss a constellation of metaphysical ideas (alchemy, hermeticism, kabbalah, Freemasonry, theosophy, Sufism, spiritualism, mesmerism, mystery religions, yoga, tantra, weird science, new thought, transcendentalism, and Rosicrucianism) and actively promote a diverse community. We encourage all curious minds to join us.

HDS Orthodox Christian Fellowship

The purpose of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship is to provide a space for members of the Christian Orthodox tradition at HDS, as well as members of the wider HDS community, to engage in worship, thought, and other forms of religious and spiritual life and practice within the Orthodox tradition. We hope to build connections with the already existing sacred Orthodox places of worship within the greater Boston Area and join in fellowship with the other Orthodox student groups within the greater Boston area, including Hellenic College, our local Orthodox Seminary. At HDS, we hope to bring voice of the Orthodox tradition within the pluralistic mission of our school, as well as host community events to share our special tradition with the wider HDS community.

OverComing Together

OverComingTogether aims to cultivate a culture of intimate and meaningful dialogue at HDS through the practice of various models of active and compassionate communication. Students, faculty, and staff dialogue together regarding any issues that are presently important while modeling and learning essential communication skills.

HDS Peer Advocates

Peer Advocates is a group of students trained to provide confidential peer support and resources to any student who has experienced sexual assault or sexual violence either on or off-campus at HDS. In addition, we also create programs, facilitate workshops, and offer educational materials to the wider Harvard community to help engage in a cultural shift to end all forms and norms of sexual violence and assault on university campuses.

HDS Practicing Radical Beauty

Practicing Radical Beauty is a group working collaboratively towards lovingly liberating the minds, bodies, and spirits of women. Our goal is to look at ideas of gender, beauty and womanness, what these ideas mean, and what it would look like to embody them in loving ways. Using techniques that address the individual and collective mind, body, and spirit this group will look deeply at the formative ideas and patterns that inhibit women from being liberated leaders.

HDS Prison Education Project

HDS Prison Education Project (HPEP) partners with Partakers and Boston University's College Behind Bars Program to provide academic mentoring for students pursuing a college degree while incarcerated at MCI Norfolk.

Queer Rites at HDS

To provide a safe space at HDS for queer folks and gender non-conforming individuals to gather together in fellowship,community, dialogue, and celebration.

HDS Racial Justice and Healing Initiative

The HDS Racial Justice & Healing Initiative coordinates efforts to address racial justice and healing at Harvard Divinity School. The mission of the HDS Racial Justice and Healing Initiative is to inspire innovative spiritually-focused strategies and interventions that foster transformative breakthroughs in the way the world seeks to address racial justice and equity. This program will be designed to train students of religion to become racial justice and healing change agents equipped to transform hearts, minds, and structures in the United States and globally.

HDS Religious Anarchist Collective

Provides a space for conversation about direct democracy and anti-capitalism over a monthly High Tea.

HDS Religious Nones

The purpose of this group is threefold: 1) to provide a community for those who belong to no or any organized religion, who wish to come together to share their evolving journeys, practices, world views, and fundamental questions; 2) to increase awareness and understanding of this community at HDS and Harvard; and 3) to build relations with similar groups at HDS, Harvard, and beyond.

HDS Sacred Harp

HDS Sacred Harp teaches and promotes the singing of Sacred Harp singing among the HDS, Harvard, and Greater Boston communities. We are open to everyone, from complete beginners to seasoned singers.

HDS Student Association

The HDS Student Association, formerly SAEC, contributes the voice of students to the administrative and policy-making recommendations of the School. Through the work of the elected student officers and with the approval of the Dean, student representatives are assigned to HDS committees. The HDS Student Association provides opportunities for conversation among students, faculty, and staff through roundtable discussions and town hall meetings.

Tutoring Tomorrow Today

Tutoring Tomorrow Today connects Harvard students with the children of Harvard campus workers (Dining and Custodial) for tutoring and community building meals where everyone learns from one another.

Urantia Book Study Group

Our purpose is to study The Urantia Book, a spiritual text that harmonizes religion, science, and philosophy. The Urantia Book Study Group provides a forum to read and discuss the book’s teachings and consider how to incorporate them into our lives. In the spirit of these teachings, it is also our purpose to be of service to the HDS and Harvard community.

HDS Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Students

HUUMS works to provide a vibrant community of formation that models the relationships we want to see in the world; support each other in our studies, vocations, and lives through worship, professional and spiritual development, and fellowship opportunities; advocate for excellence in Unitarian Universalist scholarship, teaching, and ministry at Harvard University; represent the interests of our members in the larger communities of Harvard Divinity School, the Boston Theological Institute, and Unitarian Universalism; serve the larger Unitarian Universalist community, both at Harvard and beyond, through educational outreach, including our walking tour program; offer hospitality at our weekly worship; provide chaplaincy at Harvard University; cultivate and maintain a strong relationships between HUUMS Alumni and current students.

Other groups open to students

Harvard Divinity School Choir

The HDS Choir sings occasionally for the weekly Noon Service in Andover Chapel, as well as for the annual "Seasons of Light" celebration. Rehearsals take place in Andover Chapel at 11:30am on Wednesdays when the choir is scheduled to sing. Any students, staff, or faculty interested in joining the choir may contact Harry Huff, organist and choir director.

Wednesday Noon Service Steering Committee

Hosted each week by a different religious community of the HDS campus and overseen by a steering committee of students and staff, this weekly service allows the HDS community to pray with our companions across the boundaries of our many respective traditions. The Wednesday Noon Service Steering Committee is dedicated to creating a safe and respectful environment for diverse faith-based and student-run groups at HDS. Acknowledging the unique religious diversity of our campus, we aim to support and advance the religious pluralism of the School by engaging and honoring the many religious perspectives, commitments, and experiences among us. By creating a recognized time and place for all of us to come together in prayer, in reflection, in ritual, and in conversation, we seek not only to aid the ongoing dialogue among our various faiths, but also to come to know and to serve each other.


The goal of WomenCircle is to create an interfaith space for women to cultivate spirituality and celebrate the feminine face of God. Principal activities include monthly gatherings, annual fall retreats, and hosting a Noon Service.

HDS Voices

Andrew Merz

As a Buddhist, the religious diversity at HDS has challenged me to broaden my understanding of spirituality, most meaningfully through my relationships with classmates. For me, HDS has demanded and supported constant exploration, both personal and scholarly.
 —Andrew Merz, MDiv '12
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