Giovanni Bazzana

Giovanni Bazzana

Associate Professor of New Testament
Giovanni Bazzana

On leave

Academic year 2014–15


  • PhD, International School of Modena, Italy


Bazzana's main interests are the synoptic Gospels and apocalyptic literature. In the last decade, Bazzana's work has become increasingly focused on papyrology and the interplay between this discipline and New Testament studies, in particular with respect to the potential broadening of the scope of historical analysis and comparison to the wider Jewish and Greco-Roman contexts.

Papyrology offers a wide array of still relatively untapped venues of research stretching from the more traditional text-critical issues to the study of ancient Christian books as precious evidence for the sociocultural practices of writing and reading sacred texts and their commentaries.

Moreover, documentary papyrology provides clues to understand more adequately the social context of the earliest texts produced by the followers of Jesus. Bazzana's forthcoming book ("Kingdom and Bureaucracy: Scribes and the Authors of Q in Light of Documentary Papyri") deals with the administrative backdrop of the Sayings Gospel Q and with its implications for the ideological construction of the discourse around the basileia of God. Bazzana is also working on a volume on Q for the series Papyrologische Kommentare zum Neuen Testament.

Bazzana's future research projects include the study of ancient writing on magic and witchcraft as sociocultural practices, legal discourses, and ideological construals, and the building of a critical theory of biblical translation with attention to its theoretical as well as practical implications.

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